Shops that sell ores

Id like to talk about an ore shop.

I know there are some arguments against it. like some people dont like the idea that you can get everything from shops.
And that you have to do some work yourself.
But this forces you to build you town near mountains.
you can get all the other basic resources from shops (food, wood, stone).

and I think that is a bit unfair to people who want to build on plains.
i dont care if its 500 gold per ore.
i just want the ability to buy them just like all other basic resources.

Thank you for your time.


personally i love this idea! a mining shop would be cool, especially if we eventually get an actual person role into town. i just imagine a little cart full of ores rolling into town.


You can mine in the middle of fields to get ores. I like having underground caverns hiding 30+ meters under my city. Just dig straight down using the slice view and then once you hit the rocky layer you just start digging in all directions

Anyways, I don’t really see why it would be an issue. If someone doesn’t like it, they can just choose not to use it.

To go along with the current set up of the game, what if RE were to implement a “travelling prospector” that can sell ores or bars? Similar to the other travelling salesmen that are already coming to buy and sell. This sounds like a great idea that could take minimal “new” work to implement (of course I’m not a master of coding, this could actually be a lot of work :blush: ) I love the idea though, I spend too much time and energy mining for iron right now!

Just wondering, is there a black trader that can come to your town? One that sells ores, bars, armor, and weapons??? If there isn’t, there should be one.

Also, I’ve noticed that gold and silver ore have no use in the game… Shouldn’t we be able to make coins with the blacksmith? And what about silver?

Just my thoughts.

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