Gold bar to coin and sword but i dont know how to mod

so here is what i would like to do… pic here:

this is what i think any one have more add ons? or could make? ^w^

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so if i understand correctly what the picture is saying,

  • level one blacksmith = small amount of gold coins, and normal gold sword

  • level 5 blacksmith = larger amount of gold coins, upgraded gold sword, and… gold block?

edit: so i decided to whip up some pretty quick models of the gold swords,

note: these are both just edited versions of the short sword and long sword models

level 1 gold sword, a short sword.

level 5 gold sword, a long sword.


Perhaps the Gold Block as a new building resource ^^ Like the non functions Stacks xD


ya i was trying to get it down on some thing but i think im going to work on it more
(ty 8bitcrab for the pics)

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up date

i think this may help more uhm i dont know if can (do that and its 3am for me now)

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no problemo,

[quote=“a001tom, post:5, topic:15627”]
up date
[/quote]wow… very complex :sweat_smile:

i’ve started writing the code for the swords and such, what i’m working on will be a simple mod (just adding craftable coins and swords). that is if you dont mind me making this into a mod, though if i do, it wont go into the complex lvl 10+ stuff.

its only 11:30 where i’m at, but i’m still to tired to write all this code tonight…

I never really understood the idea of making swords and armor from gold. Gold is a very soft and extremly heavy material. It makes useless tools of war.


YES, gold is stronger than iron. What are they teaching these humans nowadays?

(for those who don’t get it, unlike minecraft where gold gear is pretty much useless due to how malleable it is, in terraria, gold is a top-tier mineable pre-boss ore, and makes the strongest weapons and armours, at least until after you kill some bosses and get better gear, then go to hell mine even better ores, then go to hardmode and mine even better ones, etc. the line I said is a quote from the Goblin Tinkerer, who comments on the fact that gold is the strongest mineable pre-boss ore)

but yea, I agree with @thorbjorn42gbf here. gold should be usable for decoration purposes, and I guess you could make gold gear as a ceremonial blade and the like, but it should not be used as an actual weapon. considering this is a city builder, gold will still be useful to people who don’t hate the gaudiness of gold, and should be kept as primarily a design feature, and not actually have any functional use. the only feature that I could argue would be fine to use gold for would be magic. if we get black mages who rely on staves, then sure, allow players to craft gold staves or gold-tipped staves, and allow them to use magic better, or use better magic. that’s fine.

I mean, I guess if it’s a mod, that’s one thing, so it doesn’t matter if I dislike it or not, someone else may want it. this may be the suggestion threads, but this is a suggestion for a mod idea, not content idea, so if you want super strong non-malleable non-dense gold weapons and armour, go ahead, I won’t stop you.


I was actually thinking about his when i wrote that :slight_smile:


super soft super weak :wink: the gold stuff im making for my mod wont exactly be the best weapons, but hey, at least you can do something with gold then :laughing: