Designing your own smithing Ideas for weapons and jewels

Ive had an idea for a mod where theres a new way to smith any shape of weapon or jewellery where you go to the blacksmith there a tab that says ‘Smith your own’ etc. so you get a handle then you can add parts on like handles, blades or spear head/axe head. For jewellery you need a little gold block, little bronze blocks, silver starter little blocks etc.) From a mason and then add different blocks like more gold or diamonds or bronze, tin, silver any more suggestions or add ons

So, like in Cube World, where you can customize your weapons?

yeah basically exactly like that

Yeah. The only other post I’ve made yet (lol) was about customizers as well. But I was thinking more like:
not actually voxel-by-voxel sword creation like in Cube World.

Hm. In Stonehearth, I’'d assume that it’d be more based on mass production rather than customization. An example of this would be in the character progression with a Footman. He only gets new weapons when he/she “levels up”, and discards his/her old equipment.

no maybe only for ceremonial swords but you can save weapons you’ve created and the jewellery for festivals ceremonies and trading

There was once a discussion in one of the streams (if I remember right) where Tom mentioned that it would be nice to have a Voxel-Editor in the game, but that this is for sure nothing we will see soon (if at all). Might be a feature for the time after the release? However, I think such an ingame-editor would be the requirement for this idea.

What @EvanX3oooo has in his mind might be the closest to this idea which we can create as a mod. If you pre-define different layouts, you will be able to define the resources required for those layouts and you might also create one sword as a pre-requisit for another one (upgrade). Depending on how much effort you put into the models, you could come “close” to your initial idea.

Ill probably just mod it in if i understand modding but it’ll be hard for me as i haven’t even used quibble and i have a mac

You can start with Qubicle already now (this thread might help you with a smooth start). Creating some models for weapons is rather easy. I guess it is also rather easy to add this models later on into the game and assign different resources to them. Just with the varieties it will depend on your pre-work as the idea of an ingame-editor might not work out.

Ive got a mac that i haven’t downloaded windows on