Customisable Cosmetics!

Just a little thought, how about an up-front easy to use Logo/Emblem editor! You can choose from other people’s designs, default designs or create your own, what I mean by this is that you create a small logo that can fit with any of the flags, banners and possibly armours!

Just something to throw in here.


I really hope that there will be an ingame editor for that. Does not have to be something huge, just an editable 5 x 9 pixel “crest-designer” (at least that’s the size I saw so far) where you can select the color of each pixel. Would be a pity if you have to use pre-defined logos or mod them. However, not sure if there is a need to provide this kind of editor up-front… just download Qubicle Constructor, create a matrix which is 5 x 9 voxel large and here you go…

Update: As this is actually a nice idea, I have replicated two of the crests which can be seen on some screenshots. To look nicer, I have added one voxel to each side:



I actually love this idea too. I’ve made a few decals, one of which can be seen on my chess edition screenshot.

However, to play devils advocate: These things usually work fine until somebody makes a decal of a penis and ruins it for everyone!

Easy way to solve this is to have an approval process, or only allow standard decals during multiplayer matches.


If the model of each solder is just made up of lots of different “Parts” (i dont know the actual name) If the decal on each of them was made into its own part, this could allow easier swapping of the decals, either manually, ingame or with a decal mod. sadly that involves bugging tom and steph.

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I don’t think they’ll mind since it’s a pretty good idea. The community has bugged them over worse things (cows, and goggles) but there’s no harm in pitching it to them.

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while i love the idea of customizable crests, i’ll just toss this quote out there about in game editors in general:

Will there be a sculptor who can make sculptures which you can create out of voxels in the game?" - Livestream - 31:47

“We thought about that … adding an in-game voxel editor is a big chunk
of work, it would be awesome, but its like not worth it yet …
eventually maybe, but for now we’re not gonna do that, but it’s a good
idea. We even thought about how to level up the carver so that when he
levels up you can do more intricate carvings, but if it makes it in,
it’s something that will be there later rather than sooner.

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Yeah this was my question in the livestream ^^
To make your own flags would be awesome.

Maybe but a sculpture system is much more complex than a battle standard or crest. I think the idea behind the crest is that it’s 2-D as opposed to the statue concept which would be 3-D.

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Excellent idea. I can see how including a voxel editor would be an enormous amount of work, taking them away from developing game content, but a simple 5 X 9 (or whatever banners are defined as) pixel editor would be well worth the relatively small effort to develop. This simple addition would go very far in making the game feel personal. Having the banner you design flying on your buildings, carried by your armies.

Well done @voxel_pirate

Original post is @wmbatlas. @voxel_pirate Expands upon it on the second post.

Used necromancy The complaint about not wanting to make an in-game voxel editor is essentially void due to slabs… since Stonehearth has come so far, would custom banners now be possible?