How will coop multiplayer work?

Coop might be INTENDED for co-operative multiplayer, but with a moddable sandbox game this could just be interpreted as general multiplayer since you can simply mod in PvP, if that isn’t already supported by default.

Of course official confirmation would be really cool on this.

I agree with quite a few people here. basically, in a nutshell, co-op should work with factions and races possibly…Races would determine your settlements race, obviously. and Factions would determine what “team” you are on. Depending on what Faction you are on, you start on a different area of the map, with different resources, monsters, etc.

Player 1: Race: Human - Faction: Blue
Player 2: Race: Orc - Faction: Blue

Both Players will have control over their own settlers and what they build or what they do. Player 1 decides it wants to be a farmer and a medic because that’s his favorite thing to do in the game. Player 2, being the of the Orcish race, decides he wants to be the main controller of building defenses and fighting.
Obviously there is going to be a lot more to the game than fighting, building and farming, but basically you cooperate with one another to create the most successful settlement possible.
Perhaps each race has a different building style, or different strengths. When an orc builds a guard tower on the edge of town it has bones and spikes protruding individual types of blocks making it look formidable…
Or perhaps the humans contribute to the settlement by offering healthier crops and/or helping the fighters by keeping their health higher than a different race would.

Maybe the “host” of the game should be able to choose whether or not different factions should be able to play on a certain server and if PvP should be allowed, or perhaps the host should be able to choose the difficulty and quantity of monsters on the map so that players co-operating should have to work harder and make better defenses to survive.

I’d like to see player trading and advanced interaction through possible advanced buildings, not just military aid between the two to fight off the bad guys.

Trading supplies, people, research if thats even a thing? I don’t know but it would be sweet. Also whats the limit on players? just 2 or could the world be populated by 10+ even 100+ players?

Even moving onto wars between players, factions forming between cities and full on war?

And econ could even come into it, this game could go in any direction! :smiley:

I’m so exited, I don’t know about you guys!

I was very bummed today when they put out the new Kickstarter update that said:

…You and your friends will be able to play together in the same game and cooperatively manage your shared city…

I really hope I don’t have to share settlers with another player, but I won’t jump on any point of view until they officially state what they intend.


I think a poll asking backers about their vision on co-op will be made at some point, even if we all are confident on Tom’s and Tony’s experience and even if we all back the project and will get the game they planned to get out even without polls.
It would be odd if one aspect of the game as the cooperation mode as seen by Tony and Tom corresponds to the vision of 20% of backers only.
There is no doubt in here, i am confident that the final game will be amazing, and i am confident that Tom and Tony read us all (or the more they can) and see what about the community is worried.

Hey community,
Here is my question/suggestion to know which guy is mine on the map.
As we all know there will be three different human races in the game. When I’m playing now with a friend for example the coop-mode and we both want to choose the same race there have to be a color variation.
So my question to you guys, what do you think/want:

  1. can we choose colors before we start a new game or
  2. by starting a new game each player gets automatically a color or
  3. there will be no colors and we maybe can create our own flags to spot which building is mine or (Customisable Cosmetics!)
  4. we can’t choose the same race which means each race can be choosed only once per map (this would be sad)

Now which of this suggestions (or maybe you have another idea) would you like to see in the game?


@Moe2212 maybe when you mouse over your friends or your own buildings/people the flag they belong to pops up above their head

Hey @Moe2212, merged you into this thread as it seems pretty close to the discussion that was going on here.

@CTheRain well if it isn’t CTheRain good to see you over here. in response to the topic i think it would be like ANNO and not like MC but different mods would be cool like a wave defence and say i choose one race and my mate chooses another and they have different benefits and we work together to survive against the waves of evil creatures.

How would multiplayer actually work? Would it be like minecraft servers, with an open world map that players are randomly dropped into and casually build until they inevitably run into each other? And continue on going regardless of how many people are defeated. Or would multiplayer games be short lived like those on Command and Conquer or Age of Empires? There are both pros and cons to both of these. I hope that it’s more like minecraft. Starting a civilization again every few hours would get annoying.

I would love to see a minecraft variant too :smile:

There has been not too much officially said about multiplayer. The player v player raids will consist of the attacker downloading a copy of the defender’s town and then the attacker will try and destroy it. This will not affect the defender’s actual town.

There are two variants of the co-op multiplayer being tossed around as well. One would include multiple people having control over one single city or multiple people with the own cities trading and playing together. Surprising nothing official has been said about PvP in co-op multiplayer. The devs have said eventually the want to add both iterations of co-op multiplayer.

Persistent worlds hosted by Radiant servers was the one post-release stretch goal that they didn’t achieve in their Kickstarter campaign. This was to add the ability to host a world on the game servers that others could join and would keep growing. They didn’t make that stretch goal, and if they did it was going to be something that would come out after initial release. I am still holding hope however that if they are successful enough on release that they will add it the to game down the road. I haven’t seen anything official on this but I think that they would like to see it in the game themselves.

In long 4-hour live-stream someone asked a question about connect world and the answer was something like “this is something we are really excited about and want to add in eventually.” Assuming there is enough support it should make it’s way into the game in due time, which is something I’m super excited about :smiley:

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To anyone who’ll listen
In this discussion I’m talking about is multiplayer (empires, clans, raids, alliances, tournaments, etc) empires clans alliances: groups of people working as a team trading protecting/co-operating. Raids: when you invade a player you could earn points or steal things I’m not really sure what you could achieve. Tournaments: a competition in which you and maybe a friend vs. another player generally in combat but their might be other objectives.

I know pretty much all of these have been announced but I want you to share the way you’d like it to be.


i do see the potential for an in game guild sorta function o-o it would be kinda easy and fun to be able to have that to connect to friends and such with out the annoying IP or other function’s.
tournaments dun know because this is not a fast pace kind of game but i guess someone could come up with something
thou it would be awesome if you could be up to like 4-5 friends playing in different worlds and trading with each other like you are part of the same world but not the same zone like send help, then limiting it to some aspects so people would not abuse it in multilayer o-o
thats all from me for now

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Thanks for the reply.


For the tournaments if you’re doing a different objective for example collecting
Resources it could be who can do it in the shortest gameplay time.

i think this fits nicely within this current discussion on multiplayer…


I was wondering if, even though it says co-op, if it could be pvp too. I really hope so. Cant agree with a friend on everything!