Multiplayer: Who's Who


Hey community,
Here is my question/suggestion to know which guy is mine on the map.
As we all know there will be three different human races in the game. When I’m playing now with a friend for example the coop-mode and we both want to choose the same race there have to be a color variation.
So my question to you guys, what do you think/want:

  1. can we choose colors before we start a new game or
  2. by starting a new game each player gets automatically a color or
  3. there will be no colors and we maybe can create our own flags to spot which building is mine or (Customisable Cosmetics!)
  4. we can’t choose the same race which means each race can be choosed only once per map (this would be sad)

Now which of this suggestions (or maybe you have another idea) would you like to see in the game?


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