How can Multiplayer be a thing

So recently I came up with a concept for multiplayer. It’s like this, 2 players examine the same map, both have a vote if they want to change the map, then they examine the map. Since you can only a explore a small portion in single player, what if both player’s have some land to call their own, not overlapping of course during spawn picking, that way it allow’s for both players to figuratively be on the same map, but in different areas, and they can’t see those areas without;

A) exploring beyond your borders

B) conducting diplomacy with each other to allow to give each other a map of their land and/or current buildings built.

C) finding hints to where the other player is from say goblins as a sort of unique drop.

Also, it would be really cool to have flags for each individual player during multiplayer, like in “Massive Chalice”, people would be able to create or generate their own unique flag for themselves. But if you want to create your own flag, you would have to do it before you start playing with others for a few good reasons.

Player’s could also create pre-greetings for each other when someone encounter’s another, but if they don’t, then I guess a already made greeting or something would be made.I hope this topic helps you out Radiant.

Much more likely it’ll be like every other RTS/multiplayer game, where the host picks a map / starting position before the lobby is even formed.

That could happen, I guess we will have to leave it up to the developers to decide, I also think it would be interesting to have community maps that have been pre-generated to use before the game starts; Host picks or generate’s his/her or own map and then invite’s or wait’s for other player’s to join.