Reaction and Thoughts on the MP Test

so far it looks pretty great and i’m gonna try to avoid mentioning the super obvious stuff like it not being able to save and only one player getting all the notifications and random encounter things

  1. the cursors for others are shown which is nice but badly made and it looks super weird i don’t like the way it looks

  2. a sort of ally and enemy system in the game would be nice

  3. maybe give each player 6 hearthlings starting out to encourage teamwork or stealing to make the game feel more dynamic in multiplayer and to help host run better

  4. loving what i’m seeing so far and cannot wait im hoping a very early buggy version will be available at least by the end of summer 2018

  5. being able to see the other player and where they settled/all their stuff imo is a bit weird and i don’t like it especially since there’s a chance you wont be working together so have seperate visions and maybe have an alliance the players can put on that lasts a certain amount of time and prevents them from fighting each other until it’s over and they can see what the others see

these were the biggest things i noticed and wanted to talk about potential part 2 soon hope you enjoyed and i kinda hope some devs see this and maybe join the discussion

I was surprised that it was all in the same map. I had always assumed that it would be a matter of connecting the map you were playing on to the map of someone else’s fort, each hosting their own forts independently, with like a portal between.

no the game is clientside so obviously it would be one map since matches can only have the one person host with no dedicated servers or anything