[Determination] This build says it all :P

so me and the crew I was host @Fornjotr - @Averest - @Wiese2007 - @LordCrow - @pingu - @Wouter_Sikkema

Had a ton of fun in MP today - amongst all the engine errors, we powered through for at LEAST 12 + hours :slight_smile:

but we did encounter a few bugs along the way - understandable - concerning things like… if anyone tried to join during battle, the entire game would crash, and other things - if we try more than one connecting at once, we would also crash

I do have 2 save files to upload if you would like to take a look?

  • just need confirmation that it would work that way? (being MP game)

Cheers for the fun guys, and we will pick it up again later/tomorrow/ whenever :slight_smile:


to be honest… this is a lot more stable than we ever thought… way to go @max99x and all at team Stonehearth !


oh and how could leave out @YMIHere sorry bud :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice little detail: we were collectively up to what, 50 ish hearthlings? And one player had the Atlantic ocean between her and us?


I’m so glad to hear you guys are having fun! We’d love to hear more stories about your experiences!

Certainly. MP savegames work much like SP ones.

Thanks! While most of the team had a hand in the multiplayer through UX guidance, art assets, code reviews, and so on, the vast majority of the work was done by @ayazar, @linda, and @morgan10e!


Well one thing to share is that the campaign is a bit of a stickler, and so is unequal ballance.

I’ll explain : a friend went as rayas children, me as ascendancy in the desert. Because he was a lot more suited for the enviromwnt and also not always the most sane he gained money-fast… Causing enemies to become highly strong before I, and he were. Problem: I was the crumple zone for the spawned goblins…

Second problem, if more then one player advances at the same time, (and this happens) goblin villages spawn a lot, one for each player adjacent. Usually making it a much more difficult fight because they get drawn into the fight making it a massive meel. You can’t possibly survive without a pile of clerics


we had a similar game towards the end of our collective one, where @pingu decided to hearth in the forest… which happened to be where EVER (almost) enemy was spawning from (even before he joined) we just assumed they would spawn elsewhere as he claimed that area - speaking of

  • a good addition would be to allow us to CLAIM specific areas… reason… HEARTHINGS ARE THIEVES!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The authorities have been informed and are working around the clock on putting a stop to this unacceptable wave of criminal activity.


as promised (this is our main save… the one we had at least 12 hours on

WARNING a ton of engine erros, but it is very playable

Let me know if wrong format or etc - cheers

This save is HARD MODE


and speaking of this - is there any way the Host could possible set civ limits in game? (like only max 10 allowed per player) etc? this will help combat lag in the later hours

If not then fair enough

But then i guess the Host could add the rule of just don’t accept anymore after XX number etc?


I did not imagine when i woke up yesterday, that i would sit all day playing SH… But i (i think we all where) was really into this MP. The first game i joined (before the 12+ hours) had a nasty surprise… it was hardmode! i werent prepered and got anihilated in the first 10 minutes or so! The next game (12+H) we started everyone was prepared and i must say that HM really suits MP!

But one thing i would like, is somekind of information before joining a game, that tells me stuff like, difficultylevel? Biome? How long has the game been in progress?

EDIT: Oh and the templates… please let us use our templates! The core of the game is building and one of the things we used time on yesterday, was looking at eachothers buildings.

Thanks for a great day all and thank you to Team SH for making this happen :sunny: :merry: :heartpulse: