Multiplayer Quirks and Bugs

Played a multiplayer game with a friend for 6+ hours and am loving it so far. We did have some bugs and performance issues.

First was some engine errors when trying to save a template. Seen some threads about templates, so probably already a known issue.

Second, we had issues with the quest-lines. We never had a goblin demand tribute from any of us. We each had 9 hearthlings and it was on normal difficulty. We also never received the quest for township.

Third, the host PC never had more than 30% CPU and 50% GPU utilized by the game. The CPU was an 8 core, 8 thread AMD. Not sure if Stonehearth can use multiple cores. After a few hours, if we played the game at fast speed, then hearthlings would not do anything (they were all idle). This was probably because that bar at the bottom right that shows what is being processed was always maxed out from network and lua, so there was no resources for ai.

Lastly, the PC I was on has an old GPU. The game would always use 100% of my GPU, even in single player. This has never been an issue before, but now in multiplayer Stonehearth would crash every time another program tried to use even 0.1% of my GPU. Example, if I tabbed out of the game to my desktop, nothing went wrong; I could click back into the game just fine. If I tried to launch another program though, such as Chrome or Discord, then the game would instantly crash.

I can ask my friend for the logs if they are needed.


Awesome! Thanks for the report ~ logs could be useful if you have them still!


How to play Multiplayer? :slight_smile:

some of the issues i have seen

  1. crashing when placing the banner for starting as the client. however the banner still places and was able to reconnect and play.
  2. same as micro753 the issue with the quest line.
  3. during our game we have not been getting the “invaders approaching” notification
    server side log Stoneharth.log 04302018 -

Friend doesn’t have the logs anymore, sorry. He reinstalled the game to try to see if it would help any of the performance issues. I didn’t tell him in time.

No worries, thanks for checking!

Hi Aaron - check out this Discourse post for all things multiplayer!