Personal mods integrated with MP


Disclaimer: I do not wish to force the developers in any ways. I only wish, in personal interest as well as to others, show them how many that would like my idea

I am really into this game, looks neat and all! I can even tell you that I bought for the fluffy kittens and beta barely minutes after seeing the kickstarter main video (somehow I had to claim this not being bought on merly impulse). This will be a awesome game, I can feel it in my bones. But enough smooth talking, and get on with the point.
As most of you all should know (shame on you if not), the game reached $400k on kickstarter. This means co-op (I am referring this to MP as they seem unsure of the scale of their co-op, and 2+ people co-op is a MP game for me not co-op. Even if they might just stick to 2 player and then it’s just a co-op, to be arguing my definitions is to go off topic) and that means people to play with and that is even more fantastic!! So, whom of you would really like to see the ability to have personal mods to this? To be able to express the fantasies of your own people, to make them into jelly blobs. And then share those people with the rest of the people you play with, and have they do the same to you? I think that would be neat at least, I think every sandbox game is a way to express your own imagination and to express it by the people you command? To have a army of jelly blobs rush in with the fearsome green lantern society and slay big monsters in any way your own creativity compels you.
Now I have you know, this might not be possible for the developers to achieve. I can barely ask them to do this less force them to. If they choose not, so be it, I will still play the game like it belonged to my own soul. But if all you who got excited by this idea showed them how much you like it, perhaps you can at least show them exactly how much appreciated that would be? Here is the link:
Do you want personal mods to be integrated into MP?


@Sodori if I get this right, you want that people who play in Co-op/MP can have mods while doing this.

Let me quote @Tom and @Ponder freely here, as I would otherwise have to listen 3 Livestreams to find the place where one of them had said it, which I will not do at 11pm my time ^^ :
“The base game itself is a collection of mods.”
“You will be able to configure Servers to allow/supply the mods you want.”

So to sum it up, the core game mechanics are dictated by Radiant Entertainment as well as the Vanilla game.
Everything else is fair game. Even more so, one of them put it down like this:
"If we want to add something to the game and the modding framework doesn’t support it, we fix the modding framework"
Found here:

So yes… the game is even forced to allow mods to be integrated into MP. Only question is, if the mod you love most will be allowed on a server you desperately want to play on or not.


I have had a talk with either one of them, and they say that

FInal details for co-op multiplayer won’t emerge for quite some time, but our current thinking is that if you host a server everyone who plays on that server will all have to agree to use whatever mods the host picks.

How I would love it to be is like with if you know Garry’s Mod of even minecraft. But instead of player skins you have your entire folk gathering. Because and I re quote “our current thinking is that if you host a server everyone who plays on that server will all have to agree to use whatever mods the host picks”, and that means translated to minecraft that whoever hosts the server picks the player skin. And no to me it’s not intolerable, but you would be able to express yourself more if you could pick your own skin or in this game make your people look like you want. Are you following me now?


Visual mods that have no baring on the server itself should have no conflict. It’s an easy flag to chase when the system checks mods


If we get to the point of the three kingdoms stretch goal, you mod could just add another kingdom (the slime kingdom) and then go from there. Then the other players in the game could pick the normal ones or slime.

You get to be your slimes and they get to be what they want.


Well as I understand nearly everything is moddable, so a mod can potentially be much more than just a people skin.
One way to maybe solve this would be to introduce “mod categories” like as example skin, item set, translation/renaming, changed attributes, new classes, quest event - well and then have some options client and server side which to allow by users and other players.


The use of personal mods on a multiplayer server ultimately comes down to right-of-way. (sorry, I can’t think of a better word. I’m tired.) In Minecraft, as I understand it, player skins are kept on a central server maintained by Mojang and are attached to your login account. Any other mods are controlled by the host server and players must have the appropriate mods to play on that server. This sounds very similar to what the dev’s have described. Individual players don’t get to control which mods are used for their games except by getting the server host to add the mod to the server. Otherwise you would run into conflicts between mods of individual players that would break the world and/or crash the server.

What it sounds like you want is to have individual players determine the mods they use on a MP server. I don’t think this is a good idea as some one could make some sort of god mod that gives them advantages over other players. Or were you just worrying about choosing villager skins with changing gameplay? It may be possible to create a mod that looks for a skin file on a players computer and changes their villagers’ look accordingly. I’m not sure how difficult that would be.


The ultimate in self-expression, here, is going to be hosting your own multiplayer game. There may still be tons of room for self-expression for the guests, especially if you’ve loaded up a wide variety of cosmetic mods and “player race” mods.

But if you really want to make the rules, host your own game. That’s kind of the be-all end-all when it comes to multiplayer stuff.


The main problem with multiplayers and Mods starts when you get invaded by an army of Giant Penises. (see Spore for actual facts)


This has been an issue sitting in my mind as well. I would like to be able to customize and create my own weapons/armor (They will still be the default settings for weapons, I don’t want any advantages, just my own unique looking items for my Kingdom) and while playing with a friend they could have the same thing.


Well as I draw a conclution to this topic I see that most people seem to disagree to my idea. No @xophnog this would not nessesary be anything OP. Perhaps one could even make the server basically bring rules to different players saying [player1] gets [this] mod set and [player2] gets [that] mod set. This would be more or less that each player gets to pick however he want his races to be. I have been thinking over all this quite hardly, I would think that the best ensurance something like it would be possible is to simply bring it to the devs that this is what the community thinks would be really neat. To rely on my own ability to mod, and just sit still and look pretty instead of at least touching the community and see what madness I can spawn from it.
But this was fun none the less, a experiment if you like. Either I am downright rubbish wish sharing my own ideas, or the community would just downright not like this. Regardless I liked the game I took, it was exited and game me ideas. And as @PDanford said, this might just be moddable. But if I can do something that’s not too bothersome in the meantime as I sit down and look pretty waiting for the release, I think I am taking my chances there. All these perks the devs are offering, are they mods that you and I could accomplish, or are they something that need to be coded into the back bone? I don’t need the answer to it, I have played my cards. Might just as well buy the $50 pledge because that is how much I like this game. And also get the chance to play with the game really early and even get this and all my other answers that way, at least probably faster than with a $30 pledge.


@Sodori Errrm maybe my perception is flawed but I fail to understand how you see people disagreeing?

I don’t see any of the replies as disagreement, some are pointing out the problems associated with the idea, but that is not disagreement.

To give you a positive outlook: community mods WILL be a pandoras box in multiplayer anyway, but this box WILL be opened I am certain. So the challenge to solve the associated problems will surely be taken on.
In short: if community mods will make it to multiplayer you will most likely get your skins :slight_smile:


Through fear of simply reiterating what others have already said I’ll try and keep this short.

Judging by what we know about the hosting of a co-op/MP server the host will have a list of mods that are in use, if those mods were in use by one person but not another I feel that they would have to be strictly aesthetic, whether this can be done or not who knows.

As we’re still quite in the dark regarding MP and co-op I think this is one of those that would become easier to discuss at a later date.

As for your second question regarding kickstarter goals and the ability to mod - Classes and factions are definitely moddable, pets are moddable, biomes I should imagine are moddable. I would happily go out on a limb and say that it’s all moddable, with the hardest of them to mod probably being the alternate planes strecth goal.

Also I don’t think you’re rubbish at sharing ideas - I’m the 13th comment on this thread, people have taken an interest and discussed what you’ve said. We seem lucky so far to have quite a civil community that are willing and mature enough to constructively discuss points that people raise, so don’t feel that you’re a bother, and ask these questions to generate discussion in the future!

I guess I couldn’t keep it too short, nevermind!