Custom Armor and Weapons (Suggestion)

I’m not 100% if this has been suggested before, i’ve seen it slightly hinted at in another topic but not really spelled out.

This would purely be from an aesthetic point of view but when you’re creating new weapons and armor would there be the option to make a custom piece of a certain type of armor e.g.

  • You have 10 soldiers who you want to have 10 sets of iron armor and 10 iron swords
  • You want to make this a unit with one of the soldiers with a leader leader so in the way I would play it I would essentially “create” a leader in my head
  • However if you could represent this through a custom piece of armor that would add a nice element to the game
  • So in esseance you’re creating 10 sets of iron armor but 1 of those sets you’ll change the look of without any changes to stat bonuses etc (Maybe at a small cost). The same applies to swords.

Overall there will be no difference in the fighting abilities of the units but it would be an extra element of customisation and would also work nicely if you had a villager who you’d grown fond of due to their prowess in battle or how lucky they are not to have been killed and you wanted them to stick out from the rest :wink:

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It may not be in the core game, but I am sure someone will mod it in. It seems like such a small change, should be really easy to do. All you would be doing is creating a new item with the same stats, but a different look.


so, basically a set of “vanity” armor… no stat boots, just a visual indicator to distinguish one unit from among the rest…

to a certain extent, i guess this would be possible, just following (for example) the natural progression for a footman (although each advancement does come with some improvements, to be sure)… you could have the majority of your fighting group at one rank (leather clad), while you reserve the steal suit for your “number one”… behold my artistic prowess!


Very nice indeed :smiley:

Yep basically a vanity set would something that would be desirable for this

I did think about it being possible with just using a level up for armor but that would be more of an issue when you hit the max armor level or you’re unable (resource wise) to do so.

Though thinking about it, even i basic mechanic where you can dye a piece or armor could do the job just as well :smile:

Hopefully like bredan says it’ll find its way in somehow :smiley:

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Actually it should be pretty easy to be modded in (if you do not want to have this leveling-logic). One of the easier tasks will be to create new armor and weapons. You can simply add your desired look as new items and make them craftable. Taking the stats and maybe also costs from existing items, you will have simply a second (third, fourth, etc.) option to chose from. You might even end up with dressing every soldier different, if you like.

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I’ll need to get working on my cubicle skills then :wink:

Don’t mean to hijack but something like this?

The beauty of this game is you can pretty much do anything… with anything!


Exactly like that! , That’s awesome :smiley:

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let’s put an emphasis on the you there… as we cant all swing voxels around with your level of skill… :wink:

but yes, that would be an excellent example of a subtle vanity upgrade! legionnaire plume ftw! :blush:


And the gold emblem on the captains chest plate! :frowning:

i love the helmet crest for the leader

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This is a great idea. :smile: i am curious what made you think of it?

sorry, force of habit… i’ve had a few “situations” at work, that require me to keep my eyes up high, if you catch my meaning… ahem

anywho… yes, the emblem does at a wonderful touch to the ensemble! :smile:

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Mostly just from personal role playing in various RTS games, i’ve always liked to have some form of a leader unit which mostly comes down to having one calvary unit amongst some footsoldiers which always looks a bit out of place, especially when the unit looks nothing like rest and also they end up charging headlong into enemies without any support and dieing :cry: .

I honestly can’t find of the first time i ever did it but it’s something that’s missing in alot of top down strategy games mostly because i suppose not many people really think about games like age of empires as having a feature like that :smiley:

Looks awesome to me!

They’ve said that they really want it to feel like your army, so I have no doubts that there will be levels of customisation there! The easiest of which I imagine, would be the ability to choose your own colour scheme.

Perhaps you could have different squads with different coloured armour? And then go further from there with variations in helmets, chest plates, and gloves perhaps being the most noticeable. Different symbols like your gold emblem, on the subject of the gold emblem … could you change the grey outline of the center bit of the chest plate to a gold? Revert the current gold back to normal, or perhaps a blue similar to the helmet?

Merely for my own interest, so feel free to say no!!

Not sure exactly what you wanted, so I tried to cover all the bases…

Included a captains cloak… cos… all captains should have one!

I prefer the double gold shield personally :slight_smile:


Third from the left was what I had in mind!

Gold trim on cloak looks amazing.

Think there’s a bit too much gold in the second, and I think the blue blends a bit in the fourth, although I can see it looking good in-game.

Oh Froggy. You’re on my list, and it’s a good list to be on.

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first of all… :ok_hand: très magnifique

second, i too would lean towards the third from the left… i think @Geoffers747 is my third cousin, twice removed…

I think the guy with the cape should out rank all the others. Cape = Captain, everyone else is LT’s

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They all have a cape, but you cant really see it as it is blue. It wasn’t till I read this thread that I was inspired to try a gold trim, which is why it is clearer on the nearest model :blush: