[Dev Blog] Introducing the Weaver



woohoo! back from lunch… time to digest some more tasty morsels… :smile:

Yeah! Weaver! Loving all the fixes and additions. I’m hoping there will be a way to say “Soldier/Squad X gets this armor, while Soldier/Squad Y gets That armor.”

Other than that, a very worthwhile wait for a blog. Thanks!

Interesting… Now we can dress our settlers :smile:

ok, we all know I gush… we all know, in my eyes, Radiant can do no wrong…

but sweet Raya, this update was phenomenal! I suppose it was the coming together of so many new concepts, and the realization that SH will be a fully functional deathstar game in the near future!

I love that the tech tree is “growing branches”… I love that we now have more reasons/motivations for expanding our settlements and improving our citizens (farming the land to acquire supplies to then improve our efficiency and protection)…

love, love, loved it… bring on Alpha 4! :smile: :+1:

p.s. the relationship between units and upgrades is very slick… I can see this working very nicely going forward… and bonus points for the lead-in to the bonus footage (record scratch)… :smile:


It was very funny at that one point where that worker undressed (To which I was all like “Gah! Nobody needs to see that!” -Shields eyes-) And then just walks off in his underwear in front of ere’ body. O_O

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Will we be able to control who upgrades, I dont want my fodder grabbing my 1 mythril armor

it doesn’t appear as such… but who would constitute fodder? only your military units will try to acquire the new armor, and (in theory) they would all be on (mostly) equal footing…

I feel like he means… you have Captain America who can slaughter a titan after leveling up a bunch… and then you have newbie joe who tries to pick his nose with his sword…

Guess who grabs that obsidian armor you’ve been trying to craft for 3 game days?

true enough… perhaps you can “cheat the system” and craft said armor in close proximity to Brutus McHamfist, so he is assured to grab it once available? :wink:

Love the name… I’m fairly confident Radiant will put something in place for this type of thing, even if it’s extremely simple.

For instance a toggle. (Mchamfist has grab better armor toggled on, while Newbie Joe does not…)

Heh, I said something about the weaver yesterday in my guessing xD


It was mostly obvious, with the comfy beds and the banners (I saw the banner recipes of the weaver long ago).

What’s the third option then, patrol zones?

the third option, under Zone Tools, from yesterday’s screenshot? my guess was trapper zones…


Praise Cid for weavers being available now!

great update. I love that the soldier drops his sword out of happiness and just runs off without it. Although this might be a bug, I vote for leaving that in :smile:

@tom did say in the video something along the lines of “he’s the melee guy so he’ll pick it up” so it sounds like maybe gear will be class/ unit specific? I’m sure we’ll be able to set up some restrictions/ rules otherwise you’re right, it would be annoying if a random unit started picking up equipment you didn’t want them too!

Nice! :thumbsup:  

yeah, I think that’s the intent (workers would grab the outfit that buffs their speed, while combat units would grab the armor)… but I think the more specific question was, if we have two footman, but one has better “stats”, would we be able to ensure the better soldier gets the best equipment…

Hopefully … I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make your ‘best’ units have priority for gear! It certainly makes sense.

@Tom any word?