Armor Stands & Item Displays (Decorations)

First off I was thinking when I saw many of the clothing, armors and weapons you could have; and now the new faction with their own clothing style. It would be nice to be able to display said clothing on a mannequin or armor stand of some kind. Thinking the same for various equipment there are as well.

What I had imaged in my head was having both an armor stand & mannequin. Each serves the purpose separately.

This would be there to display clothing and light armor. Possibly the other armor as well, unsure on that, but at least the first portion as it is a tailor’s job usually.

Most likely made at the tailor with wood. Was thinking the potter originally, as in a cast that you attach to wood that would form the main body on a wooden stand of some kind. Normally what you would see at a tailor to display or fit fabric over and do the final touches.

Armor Stand:
This would be one for the metal armor, and therefore possibly made at one of the smith’s workplaces. Simple wooden post with brackets made of metal to hold in place. Also wold be able to hold a weapon and shield on display as being almost an upgrade to what the mannequin is.

Originally had in mind maybe the woodworking for this, but had to go with that, as I could see both factions using it; although more likely the ascendance due to having an honor display per say. Then again raiya’s children could be having it at a shop to display merchandise.

Although both is mainly meant for extra decor to add atmosphere to the professions, they do have differences mentioned above.

The way I was thinking it probably could work, if possible, is the item in question is made and placed. Then when you click on it, it would bring up storage filtering what could go onto it. This from what every is in storage, similar to when you place an object, just only valid items showing. Once selection is made, a hearthling will get that item from storage and put on display at that specific mannequin/armor stand.

So in a way it would hold 2 states I guess… Empty and selected item. Empty would be obvious. The selected item would be as above, showing the item over the mannequin/armor stand.

Wall-Mounted Plague:
To display Miscellaneous items of value; whether it is a weapon, tool, or your favorite plushie. I would think food would be out of this one, since that in a way wouldn’t make sense hanging food on the wall. I was going for more of the special items and equipment to be displayed.

Would think it would work the same way I described for the other two types of displays, if possible.

Unsure where this would be made, but possibly at the carpenter.

Weapon Rack:
similar to the above, but only for weapons or tools. Can act like storage, but only for a small amount, and if possible showing how many is on the rack. I’d imagine maybe 3-4 maybe being max. If not then in the very least showing a full rack of that specific weapon.

This one being made also at the smith.

It is pretty much a simple suggestion that I thought might be possible, if items can be displayed over another item. Just seemed to be missing from a tailors shop or smith’s forge, or hunters cabin. Adding a bit of style to each profession, or extra to give the look beyond the wooden signs and work benches.

If any of this is possible maybe even a display case from the potter that could show off an item similar to what you would see I guess in a museum or jewelry store; yet made of clay and a bit of glass that allows viewing.

Thanks for reading, and hope the idea is sound enough. :slight_smile:


Hey there @Tamorr, welcome to the Discourse! Great ideas, I love the idea of more decorations around your town. If the weaver was able to craft the mannequins, that would be another possibility as both classes have easy access to it.

Your sugg are miscellaneous ; that would made the stockpiles and crates half useless. From a RP player view, that’s not a bad point. But for me, that’s certainly not a big idea to add now, maybe in a remote future.
However, that’s a neat mean to clean the stockpiles. I’m half cut :neutral_face:

oh, Thanks… :slight_smile:

That is what I actually meant. So use to calling a class that works with cloth a tailor. lol

And yes that was the general idea. So each would have their own use for it in culture per say.

I don’t see how that would make crates and the like useless.

It would just merely work similar to them, not function like them in the sense that you are storing mass amounts of things in them.

The rough idea is to display just one thing, or in the case of the armor a set of equip. Which means it actually would take up space in comparison to a crate. Hence it being more for aesthetics, and not actual storage.

It just wouldn’t be feasible to store outfits armor and the like this way as it would be a 1:1 ratio.

Besides just laying tools on the floor or items looks messy and that is job that crates have in mind. Where as this is to just show off a specific thing.

But yes I do agree on one thing, that it is not something absolutely needed; as it is just for flair. I’m patient enough. :slight_smile:


Totally agree. That’s a sweet mean to clear up the mess you may have. Plus, it could be a nice decoration for our future bara… houses. And yeah, that’s not needed but that’s still a sugg which won’t be forgotten I hope :relaxed:

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This does seem like a good set of ideas. Plus as economy becomes more important it would be cool to build your actual shops and display your stuff.

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I believe you mean a wall mounted plaque?

I’d love to see that, though. Also, shelving.

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first off, i love this idea.

carpenter would make most sense. also, perhaps there could be multiple “tiers” such as just a plain wooden one, one with a silver back, and one with a golden back, here’s some rough models i made based on what i just said,


i’ll also try my hand at making a mannequin and armor stand model later.


@coasterspaul yes, right click correcting spelling doesn’t always turn up with the correct words. >< lol
I was thinking on shelving, but as to the context of the ideas I had; I couldn’t think of anything that it would display. Of course I keep thinking of bookshelves. ><

This would possibly be one of those upgrades for plaque, or a more on floor version, if not a wall shelf. Makes me wonder if you could fit items on them. Would look nice for Bandages and potions with the newest class being developed. So possibly the herbalist could make shelves meant for the smaller items like that, or just thing that would make sense being that small.

then again you might have to wonder on capacity. I guess the first one would be a 1 item wall shelf, while there could be upgrades to enable 2-3 more spots maybe. Most likely The first being more feasible, as like the weapon rack it is borderline storage infringement. Still would take up space more so than a crate. :slight_smile:

@advkow is pretty much what I had in mind when thinking the suggestion thru. Shops and overall look of production or representation thereof beyond the crafting devices.

@8BitCrab ooo wonder how that would work, or if it would in what I had in mind. Referring to armor stands and mannequins obviously.

That is a nice set for the plaques I like that. Having an upgrade for these does sound rather decent since most the other things seem to have them.

I’ll have to check out the attempt, as that would be interesting to see.


I can see where your coming from, but I disagree with you there. Displays could be for trophies, and cool (but spare) armour. Maybe even weapons, but stockpiles could be used for building items, food, pelts and other misc. So, adding this shouldn’t make crates and stockpiles useless at all! Personally, I think that it’s a great idea, but I do understand why you might think that.


Oh and (completely off topic) welcome to the discourse Tamorr! :smiley:


Try to take all my answers. I said it’s not useful from a development point of view. It would certainly add some nice decorations but for the moment there are no armor or weapon I would see on these stands.
Maybe in the future they’ll add uncommon/rare/legendary/etc armors/weapons that’ll worth to be displayed :wink:


here’s my first pass at the mannequin,

i’m still not too happy with it, but i think its good enough for a first pass.

i have yet to get around to doing the armor stand or weapon rack.


Awesome! I especially love the colours! Good job!

Is it a beard or just the color gradient ? :slightly_smiling:

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haha, just color gradient, it looked quite ugly as just a solid color.

now i’m tempted to make a bearded mannequin :laughing:


Well I would say you’re almost there ! :grin:

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: That would be a first!

The gold display would work great with gold armour :wink: