Any room for fashion hearth?

I liked using a combo of spears and iron coifs as kind of a uniform for my footmen in town. Unfortunately whenever I found a new piece of better gear my men would automatically put it on. I’d like to see a way to set up a template for your men to follow when putting on gear. Perhaps you could dress up your men in some panel and then they’d always look the same no matter what they put on, or something.


I think if we have set uniforms that would be nice, but then if we don’t have enough made or the materials to make them, what then? having an alternate set or allow them to use the next best thing?

I wonder if this is planned by the dev team? @sdee could you maybe present your view on that? Otherwise i guess there is a modder out there that could pick this project up and make a name for him/herself by making this :merry: