Would it be possible to add a window to choose weapons Hearthlings use

How difficult do you all think it’d be to be able to choose what equipment Hearthlings use with an added window?

You basically would have to disable the checking for gear with higher iLevel on the combat class routine and then add a window that would allow you to equip individual Hearthlings with chosen weapons.

The main reason I ask is because I’m considering adding a mod that would basically add a lot more weapons to the game, but if you can’t chose between them then what’s the point?


I mostly want controllable armor, so you can have regiments in uniform … or play Hearthling dress-up.

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I mean, both would be nice. But with the current mod I’m working on adding a new crafter that would completely revolutionize Stonehearth combat… I need selectable weapons :slight_smile:


I don’t know anything about modding. But I do think this should become something you can choose without mods.

Since your footman can’t survive mid and late game without knight and cleric backup it would be nice to choose to give them a shield and sword instead of a 2hander so they’d be a little bit buffier. Ofcourse you’d have to add extra firearrow archers for damage but I think your footman deaths would be considerably lower

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I totally agree with you on this!! ^^
Both the Hearthling dress-up and to assign special uniforms for combat units! :smile:

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Man… if there was a selectable armor/hats/weapons I could make some dank “halloween costume” mods to dress up your hearthlings all cute and what not.

Avengers halloween mod. Archers can be hawkeye, knights can be hulk, footmen can be thor, clerics can be vision and what not.


@Aviex -Sounds awesome! :relaxed: :thumbsup: