[Mod Request] Player Chooses Equipment

I would kill for a mod that lets me actually choose the equipment my people use.
The military chooses weapons based on level rather than how good they are.
So if I have a REALLY GOOD BOSS ITEM, then get a shittier item that is higher level, they will swap to the higher level item.
If I could tell them “no, wear this” I’d be super happy.

I’ve modded games like Rimworld and Conan Exiles, Stardew Valley… but I’ve never really modded a game like StoneHearth. I think this would require some kind of programming? And I don’t really know programming.

If anyone wants to take up this project, I’d love it so much. Love this game, but the equipment system is nuts.

Thank you for considering, modders. I hope one of you will take up the challenge! I’m sure you will be mightily praised for such a mod!



What weapon is weaker with a higher level? Is that in the main game or in a mod?

That was an if, then statement.
The point is I want to be able to choose who wears what. Even if I just want to identify them.
What if I want to make two teams for military and want them each to wear colors for their own team? I have a mod that adds colored uniforms, but I can’t make team one wear blue, and team two wear red, etc.

What if I really want my fav footman to use this blue shield I made. I mean… it just limits my choices to be unable to choose equipment.

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