Per-heartling what to equip choice

So, this is a small “could we abuse this system” question to those wiser than me:

-we know the devs won’t change the combat/equip system soon, maybe somewhere down the line.
-it would be nice to define what kind of stuff your soldier classes equip. Especially now mods could increase the choice by a large amount. (you way want to do themed equips)

Could we somehow abuse the supply bin system on hearthlings? So Basicly get a toggle what they will and won’t wear ui field? Should open up more diverse equipping options, and especially if you have more than one fighter, you could make the soldiers you actually want equip what you want them to. Just keep everything toggled on initially for those that don’t want to mess with it?


I do hope that this will be a feature in the main game? @max99x is that something we could look forward to? Or is it in the “can be modded in” category?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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+1 for this suggestion, but I’d say it should maybe go in the suggestions forum to indicate to the developers we’re interested in this. Not sure if you’re going to have much luck from modders, as this one sounds as though it would be quite complex to figure out (and you’d have to somehow override the existing AI, which would constantly be seeking to upgrade to “better” equipment or to equip items if they’re “naked”).

I imagine there will eventually be a TONNE of mods providing various different pieces of equipment (there are already a few), so being able to tell your hearthlings exactly what you want them to equip would be great. I would be incredibly surprised if the developers hadn’t already thought of this though, given how supportive and encouraging they are of the modding community here.

Good thinking, 99!

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well to be fair im HOPING they (the devs) touch on this, but im betting on they wont.
so this was aimed more on a “can we do this ourselves?, and if the devs like it let them put it in anyway, for all i care they take the mod and intergrate it” sort of thing.

this is why i was asking if we can abuse the supply-box system somehow. my logic was: with any luck, it works on the principle of “everything is allowed but X or Y” and if X or Y would block a heartling holding something, it would automatically default to grabbing the thing with the highest level which it CAN use.

this would make it a relatively “straightforward” (as far as this is ever possible with code) thing to do/make.
UI could be recycled, no new assets needed, very little imput for a large amount of controll.
also in the case of upkeep: they have to make the code for boxes anyway if they add new items for new races and such.

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We don’t have current plans to implement this, but it should be straightforward to do in a mod. The AI is just one simple action that can be overridden, so it’s mostly just UI work.

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Thank you for clarifying this for us :slight_smile:

I wonder who will be the hero amongst the modders to make this? :sunny:

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