Can you change a Hearthiling's equipment directly?

I was just modding the game and I couldn’t find out how to change the equipment directly. If you can’t change the equipment directly, having a variation of equipments would be a bit pointless.

Is there actually a way to change the equipment directly? Both not using the mod and using the mod.

I don’t think you can. I originally thought this since you can use a 2h weapon or a 1h + shield.

But with the addition of Knights as the main 1h + shield job and Footmen essentially the job to use for 2h weapons I don’t see it as necessary.

if the equipment had straight forward upgrade path, or the hearthlings are so intelligent that their choice is always “best”, then don’t need.

Otherwise, I think we need some form of control (over artificial stupidity).

I am ok with either case :slight_smile:

Without modding I think no, because they just go for the best they can wear.

My experience, in Alpha 22, is that even though I have upgraded a level 6 foot soldier, with 4/6/6 stats, to the apprentice Knight, the hearthling doesn’t pick up and wear a iron plate uniform or helm, nor upgrades a bronze sword to one of the 3 long swords or 1 short sword in inventory. Also, my cook, now level 4 hasn’t taken the upgraded cooks uniform since the weaver made one when the cook was apprenticed. Is there a way to ‘nudge’ them into upgrading to better equipment? Thanks guys!

You are playing modded, there is no upgrade to their outfits in the game.

That is because most of those items are for footman only, or requires a high level to use

I meant to say that the footman, lvl 6 didn’t upgrade to better sword either.

He can only equip footman swords. And it must be accessible. I recently locked an item in a chest because they could get to the chest anymore.

Thank you. I will keep looking for a chart that explains levels, hearthling skill/profession and equipment.