Equipment priority?

I’m finding when I equip a fighter he will go from the most weak equipment all the way up to the best, this means he will run around and go from weapon to weapon, equiping each one… maybe set priority to best weapon so it doesnt waste a bunch of time equiping 3-4 other weapons and 2 shields before they start helping out, or get stuck with low equipment if I need to send them asap.

Actually, the footman doesn’t always go for the weaker equipment first. The footman goes for the most recent item created first. If that happens to be the weakest of that type, they will equip it first (assuming they don’t already have something better).

So a workaround for this is to stop making the weak gear once you start making the better gear.

I do agree that the AI should be a little smarter about this though. The game uses the same code to find equipment for new footmen as it does for your more veteran footmen. For the veteran footmen, the game gets away with equipping the first thing it finds because the code is written with the assumption that everrything else has been considered previously. For new footmen, that assumption is false.

Well, if they go for different type of damage versus different enemies, armors type, …, the best should be WE decide the total stuff of each hearthling.

Exemples :

  1. A skeleton should take more damage from a mass than from an arrow.
  2. A chainmail should take less damage than a padded vest from swords, but more from a mass

It’s weird… I totally thought that they pick the one with the highest ilevel first, if not, why did we have the leet pike bug? :expressionless:

well I watched my single footman after promotion grab a wooden sword, then wooden shield, then trade the sword for a stone mace, then the stone mace for a copper mace, then the wooden shield for a steel shield, then the copper mace for a steel shortsword, then the steel shortsword for the long sword…

It was a huge waste of time.

It happend to me previously as well, I had just turned someone into a footman since I had some wolves heading in my direction, she picked up a wooden sword, then picks up a stone mace, then runs to start attacking the wolves dispite there being iron armor, steel shields and steel shortswords littorally right next to where she just grabbed both the wooden sword and the stone mace. She died due to not having any armor on, a shield or one of the better weapons.

The priority of that is really bad.

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@Relyss Relyss I thought this was the case as well. In my latest game I have produced 3 steel long swords, but I only have one equipped because my guys prefer the bone club to steel weapons. I suspect that the longsword is much better but I don’t know where to look at the raw value for a bone club. Therefore, I think the ilvl bug still exists when new weapons are getting tested out. This doesn’t address finding the best weapon first, but the final weapon only

If damage effectiveness could be modified because of damage type vs monster as @Gayou suggests, it would be nice if we could assign a weapon to a specific Hearthling. Lots of undead? Grab a mace. Lots of Gobbos? use the sword.

We can’t assign beds to Hearthlings yet either, so perhaps someone could consider including ownership of outfits/armor/shields/weapons as ownership features get introduced.