Footmen picking up weapons shouldn't be 100% random

Tom said once during a stream that he doesn’t like the idea of assigning weapons to footmen manually, which is all good, but it’s a downer when a brand new footman picks up a nice steel sword just because he was the closest to the stockpile when it was created.

So the suggestion is, when a new high level item is created and dropped in a stockpile, the highest ranked footman should get “first dibs” if it is better than what he/she is currently equipped with.

This would still keep it from being a manual assignment, but also keep your highest ranked footmen the best equipped.


great idea! also perhaps this should be under suggestions?

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Agreed - this would be nice. Last game (in which I got the furthest I have ever - day 27 with 18 hearthlings, it was awesome). Anyway, I had 3 footmen, one was level 4, one was level 2 and one was still level 1. I had finally scraped enough steel together to make two sets of full armor and 2 steel swords, and predictably, my level 1&2 footmen ran and grabbed them, leaving my most experienced footman (footwoman actually) in far less protective armor with a shittier weapon.

And then I got attacked by 2 groups of armed goblins at the same time, with predictable results for my less well armed and armoured (but more experienced) footman. :frowning: