Suggestion: Footman Equipment

I asked in a stream a while back how footmen would decide between a one-hander with a shield, or a two-hander and Tom wasn’t sure how they were going to handle that yet.

Anyway, just a random thought I had, although I’m sure @tom or @sdee have thought of it already, but why not just have the ability to click onto the shield hand/shield box on my footman’s character sheet? One click puts a red X through it and another click clears it. If I have set the X it means that footman wont use a shield, and will take the highest iLevel weapon they can find (one or two handed, although two-handed weapons probably tend to have higher iLevel values). If there is no X, then he will pick up the best one-handed weapon and the best shield he can find.

Seems pretty simple. And you could even offer that option at the party level (which would override individual settings for people in that party) so you can designate a whole party to use one- or two-handers.

Makes sense? Stupid? Good idea/Bad idea? :smile:


actually yes, it makes perfect sense… and is a prime example of K.I.S.S. :smile:

a simple interface for the user to “manage” either individual units (or groups of units), or ignore the option entirely and leave the default behavior in place… :+1:


Seems simple, I put my vote in favour of it.

Very simple and logic and i also have some Idea’s for Weapons as for “Heroes” if that might be coming too.

Hope to see this in Stonehearth!

I can get behind this if they stick with the current system of having them auto equip. I would prefer a more detailed uniform style system, but in lieu of that, this works better.

as in, letting the player manually equip weapons and armor on the units?

More like…

Tell Party A to wear leather armor and use bows, to move fast.

Party B wears your plate mail and and shields, with swords

Party C has your wizards, with wands and magic robes

Set it up so each ‘uniform’ is attached to that party, and any hearthling added to that will equip the items as they become available, and if they are usable. So a footman added to Party A wouldnt use a bow, but he would wear leather and grab a good weapon.


That sounds good too and i would like to give my Hearthlings also something like Daggers or an Hammer or even better an Spear with Shield, so you could perform even something like formations with a little bigger group of Hearthlings. Like Shield-Wall Formation or something like that and behind them u have the Bowman/Bowwomans to shot over them :smiley:

Also, War-Hammers would be cool if they would likely to have a very little chance of stunning the enemy for half a second or slow them down so they attack slower. Very many Ideas come from most Games i played.

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[quote=“BrianNZ, post:1, topic:11080”]
Good idea

also some of the convo in this thread made me think of this one,