[A16] Craftable Equipment for the new Combat Classes

There were some nice Suggestions already in an old thread (here), but with the new changes I think it’s outdated. So let’s start a new thread to give the new classes the honour they seek.

With the new changes, I think the footman is now lacking equipment, especially late-game stuff.
I see the point in taking the high level armour from him and to the knight, but I would love to see new armour for the new footman class.
Something like chainmail or similar pieces. Not nearly equal to the knight’s armour (especially in stats), but it would be nice to craft equipment for each of the (melee-)classes in the well established “leather - bronze - iron - steel” upgrade path.

I’m really looking forward to Alpha 16, didn’t quite get a hand on it already, as I’m quite busy these days :frowning:
What do you guys think? Is there a lack of a specific equipment?

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Yes, there is a lack of specific equipment.

Since the normal footman is the melee dps, they should be able to use dps weapons(no shields).
Yeah I know there is the two handed sword and we can loot/trade to get an axe or mace but how about two one handed weapons?

But I think there will be some mod makers which will give us cool stuff like that :slight_smile:

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IMO, the footman should be able to use shields.
I like the basic footman patrolling with wooden sword and shield. But I see your point, it would be nice if at about the same level he could upgrade to a knight or archer, the only equipment to upgrade him at that point would be two-handed swords or double-wielded weapons.
If you know the Fire Emblem series, there is a class named Myrmidon (at least in the German version).
He is a DPS class, fast and very often lands critical hits, obliterates enemies, but is really squishy himself.
I would love to see the footman developing in this direction.

Due to how the weapons and armour is equipped by the combat classes, ie each hearthling will equip the highest level piece of equipment available. What you are suggesting will require more progression within each class. I feel there is already enough equipment that a footman can equip a new weapon, piece of armour or both every level. For more equipment you would need more progression and therefore need more class levels to progress though to make some items of equipment not feel redundant.

Would you mind to explain, why you feel there has to be a correspondence between equipment and levels?

I’m really interested, because I like to upgrade the equipment of my hearthlings to the max and always try to get them the best weapon, armour and helmet ASAP. Therefore, I would love to give each of the new classes armour of steel and super-fancy weapons at their highest equipment level (not identical with their class level). For the footman, I would be perfectly fine with something like sparsely chainmailed leather armour, for good movability, but I can’t understand why they shouldn’t get anything from the shiny bars my blacksmith smelts.

Because in A 16 each piece of equipment has a class and level requirement to equip it. If you would like more equipment then it would have to fit in the level system for each class which is already pretty full.
So like the knight cannot equip the 2 handed steel sword, but a level 6 footman can, it also does 10 more damage more than the best knights sword and the trade off is footmen cannot equip any of the steel armour.

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