Idea for a better equipment upgrading system for Military

I was watching the Alpha 8 video (looks great btw) and I felt that the Upgrading System for Weapons/ Equipment for the footman is not quite right. Instead of the “avalible” troop automatically pick up (for example) the newly crafted mace, you could click on the troop you want to be upgraded and it could show a new class tree exclusively for Military units. (So basically it would be a class tree-ception). If the footman is the base unit, it then could be upgraded to other “military” classes. The new tech tree would support all types of weapons like maces, bows, spears, iron swords and battle axes. Each weapon “upgrade” would make the unit another class. I feel this would be a better way to control which footman gets what weapon and/or class. (This formula could be used for different professions too) If there is confusion feel free to ask questions and I’ll try and post a picture.


I do believe that there are plans for something like this in the works. The character sheet looks like you have a spot to change equipment at least planned.

I do think your idea is a little better though. I like to have some fine-tune control over my guys equipment.

I guess one thing is how they plan on implementing class changes. It doesn’t make a ton of sense that the archer would be an upgrade if a footman, or even that a pikeman is a side-grade of the footman. I like your idea to help add some granularity to the classes.


ehh, the idea for the game is to not have micromanagement control. if you really want to make sure that a specific hearthling gets the gear make all the other soldiers temporarily back into workers.

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My idea (of the class tree) already exists in Stonehearth, so it won’t be much more “micromanagement” than there already is in the game so far. Thanks for the reply.

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I never really “believed” in the class change feature. It just seemed useless. If you want this Hearthling to be a carpenter, why change it later? I would much rather have a “retire” or “fire” button that would erase all of that Hearthling’s perks, stats, etc. and turn them back into a worker instead.

I guess I should have been more clear: Class change as in upgrade. In the game right now, the shepherd is an upgrade to the trapper, even though they only are remotely connected.