Armour stands and weapon placards and more weapons

I would love to see the ability to make armour stands with armour and things like mounted weapons you can place in a house

they would require a level 6 blacksmith to craft

armour racks could take a suit of amour, a helm or circlet and 3 wood ( would you need the same type for it to work. padded vest and leather cap. bronze/iron/steel breastplate and helmet. ect)

weapons and shield ; 2 swords or maces and 1 shield of the same type of metal and 3 wood

mounted swords/mace: 1 weapon of your choosing and 2 wood

new weapons:

bronze/iron/steel mace, short sword or axe, they would all take the same resources and deal with the same damage

this could work for creating a bronze pike and a steel pike as well for pole axes


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