Clothing and Armor (SUGGESTION)


I just came up with a unique suggestion. :smile_cat:

My suggestion is to customize your settlers. :smiley_cat:

You could do this by making clothing and armor for your settlers. :smile_cat:



There are four types of cloting: shoes/boots, pants/shorts, shirts/jackets, and hats. To make clothing, you would need a Tailor class. He will make the type of clothing that you tell him to do. The Tailor(s) would also need a Tailor’s Bench.To make a Tailor’s Bench, you would need X wood and Y linen. You could make clothing out of four main materials: linen, leather,and wool. Oh and one more thing. You need three (Clothing Material) to make one pair of shoes/boots, five (Clothing-Material) to make a pair of pants, four (Clothing Material) to make one shirt, and three (Clothing-Material) to make a hat.


Clothing can also do a few special things as well. For example, wool clothing can help your settlers stand the cold wheather, or shoes/boots can help your settlers run faster. Also, each type of clothing has it’s own specific property. For example: the leather boots make you run the fastest, but the wool boots are more cold resistant than the leather boots.


You could also dye clothing to make the clothing more appelling to the eye. To make dye, you would need a specific colored flower or colored ore. You would also need one bucket of water. The formula for this is: one flower/ore + one bucket of water = three dyes. For example, if I got a red flower and combined it with a bucket of water, I would get three red dyes. Oh and one more thing. To make dyes, you would need to make a Dye Station. To make a Dye Station, you would need four iron, and one wood.


To combine dyes with cloting you would need to put the clothing and dye of your preference into the Tailor Bench. The formula for this is: One Shirt + One Cyan Dye = One Cyan Shirt.



There are, just like clothing, 4 types of armor. The armor types are just like the clothing types. To make armor, you need a Blacksmith class. He will make the type of armor you tell him to do. To make armor, you would need a forge. You could make armor out of six types of materials; linen, leather, iron, steel, and gold. Each material is stronger than the last, and each material has deferent perks. You need three (Clothing Material) to make one pair of shoes/boots, five (Clothing-Material) to make a pair of pants, four (Clothing Material) to make one shirt, and three (Clothing-Material) to make a helmet. Oh and one more thing: you can’t dye armor.


This idea won’t work in-game if Tailors, Tailor’s Benches, Linen. Leather, Wool, Colored Flowers, Colored Ores, Buckets, Dye Stations, Iron, Blacksmithes, Forges, steel, and gold aren’t added into the game first. If for any reason these items aren’t added, there could be a substitute for the item.

Photo: Since I am nice, I will provide a visual-aid that will show what I want armor to look like.

Anyways, that was my suggestion. I hope you liked it. If you have an opinion about my idea, please reply in the comments below. Thank you for your time. :smiley_cat:

                                                -EpicDwarf :)

that is one impressive wall of text… :+1:

but if im not mistaken, the clothing portion will effectively be the role of the weaver, yes?


Weaver, Tailor, there all the same!

But, yes. This will be the role of the weaver.

edit: Apparently, no one is posting. =(

You do know that diamond makes a terrible armor right? Other than that it seems pretty well thought out, (but uh, you might wanna do a bit of research first) and I’m liking the ideas.

Well, Tony and Tom could perk it up to make it one of the strongest armors, with a few perks of courcse!

Objectively bad for being hit over the head, but hey, maybe it’s good against MAGIC! or you can enchant it. If we want that, then by all means, it could be in. It’s not uncommon in fantasy after all.

Even if it sucked I’d still like the option to have silly, ornamental armor because it’s Fun.

So your Nobles could have ceremonial armor that was totally useless, because you know, it’s Fun.

Or as an art object, basically.

Oh, and when it comes to the topic of dyes, I’d also interject that certain kinds of minerals in general make passable dye or pigment. It’s not just metallic ones, although many striking and vivid pigments do have a lot of metal in them. But when you want earth tones, actual soil or clay is pretty solid. Take Umber, for instance, the original pigment was produced exclusively from the uniquely colored soil of the Umbria region of Italy. It’s a clay (although it does have some iron in it, certainly. point being that it’s not actually derived from ore as such, but rather clay.)

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Well, by Colored Ores, i’m talking about things like Lapis Lazulli.

I think it would really suck if diamond became an armor. This is STONEHEARTH people, not MINECRAFT. Just make a mod for it.

You do have a point though.

But yeah, I was thinking about Minecraft at the time I was writing the Armor section.

This game is starting to be a mix of the Sims and MInecraft. I wonder who will be the 1st modder to make over a 1,000 items.

I agree, I wouldn’t like diamond armor but there could be something like mithril or adamantine since it’s a fantasy game and Maurauder has mythic armor.

I’m alright with mithril and maybe some ceremonial armor, but at the same time there has to be some rhyme or reason to the reason the armors are in the game.

well, i’m all for basing things in reality (farming and irrigation systems some to mind in this context), but i’m also a big fan of suspension of disbelief… if there is some in-game context for why bamboo and figleaf armor is worthwhile, them i’m all for it… :wink:

Minecraft physics ≠ actual physics, just go for a more fantasy feel for materials. For example

Common ores/fabric for the majority of what you make
This is things like cloth, leather, iron, bronze, copper, hessian, hard wood, bone or whatever other common things there are.

Uncommon/rare ores/alloys
This would be stronger (mostly) than the common ones and include things like titanium, steel, silk and various other rarer materials. More expensive and better at their purpose then the common ones.

Precious metals/gems
Used primarily for decoration or magic this is things like silver, gold, rubies, and sapphires. Little use for physical protection it’s instead used for things like jewellery, magic inlays, magic foci, and embossing to make them either expensive, enchanted, or useful for using magic.

Magical materials
This is the kind of thing that would be the hardest to acquire and would have the most variance. It would include things like umber hulk shell, adamantium, everstones, sapient pearwood, embersilk, or lethifold leather. Powerful properties and extremely rare or difficult to acquire they’d be some of the most powerful materials you can get, admittedly they’d probably have less copyright infringement than my examples.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion!


I changed the message.

Maybe if some solders have died in battle?

Well, armor could reduce the amount of damage given to your settlers while in combat.