How to wear armor?

I’m wondering how to make my villagers wear armor/work clothes. Even in mods they don’t seem to wear it and I can’t find any information on just how my villagers go about putting on armor. Probably a stupid question but I can’t figure this crap out!

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As far as I know they should automatically pick up the armour/ work clothes once they’ve been crafted.

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Draw a stockpile under the armour in question.

Generally, they will only equip stockpile armour it has been tagged correctly and/or is in a stockpile


Yeah, I found my villagers ignoring armour/clothing until I’d had it placed into a generic (that is, completely new, accepts-all-items) stockpile.

alright that makes sense, I’ll try it later today. Thanks guys!

I know this topic is old. however i have armour in a stockpile and they still wont pick it up. its been sitting there for days yet they don’t touch it! Am i just stupid or has something been added to make your villagers pick it up.

hey there @maril3, welcome to the discourse :smile:

what armor type is it they aren’t equipping? what class is the hearthling that won’t equip it, and what level are they?

I’m trying to get then to equip hardened leather armour, the villager is a footman but only an apprentice, now that i think about it, would that be the problem. :slight_smile:


indeed, armor has lvl requirements now, glad to see that’s all that was the matter and it wasn’t a bug. :slight_smile:

Hello hello, umm any idea why my lvl 6 footman wont pick up a iron mail and wear it? The level requirement is 3 and its for footman the armor i mean.

hey there @Korui, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm… what does your footman currently have equipped?

Edit: also, are you using any mods?

No mods, release-663 (x64)

Btw dont mind me i said nothing. Cause as soon as i posted the last message the footman suddenly ran like a bull at the armor. :sweat_smile::joy:

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Also sorry for wasting your time on this for no reason😖

haha, well i’m glad to hear it’s not actually a bug. also, if you have any more problems, don’t hesitate to post them :slight_smile:

no worry’s mate, i’m here to help! :smile:

Ok then, will do.

P.S: The soldiers when they get to low hp start acting very strangly and only make things worse, is there a way to avoid this?

hmm… it’s been awhile since i played the game myself, so i’m not sure, perhaps one of the other moderators can help you with that, paging @jomaxro @megashub and @Relyss

Oh ok.

Can i ask what does the refugee that comes by sometimes saying that i got goblins in my woods and that i should bunker down, what does he mean by bunkering down?

i’m pretty sure he’s just making sure you know there are goblins/wolves out in the woods and you should be careful, nothing out of the ordinary.

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Oh ok then.

Also the monster spawn rates seem to go up quite a bit day by day.
The monster strengh also.(Im just typing some extra stuff so i can get past the 20 character limit)
My point is mainly thanks😂

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From what I’ve learned while playing. They auto equip the best armor. Level wise. Not Stat wise. Same with weapons. I jumped all the way down here to reply. So sorry if someone said it already. And if everyone has an armor equipped. Then they switch if the best armor is available. Whether it’s iron mail or padded leather. Again. This is from having 30,000 saves because my settlers keep dying on hard. So I’ve kept track of what they do. I’m curious of anyone else noticed this too.