Making my guys put on new clothes

Hi guys, more n00b questions that I have not been able to find answers too.

In experimental beta I’ve been creating new clothes that buff my guys, I am at a loss as to how I get them to wear them. Any help appreciated!

Assuming they’re appearing in game etc, you need to make sure they’re put in a stockpile. Beyond that, see the existing clothing code for how best to code it for specific classes etc.

So they will pick up the new clothes from the stockpile themselves and put them on?

Assuming you’ve coded it correctly (can’t tell from here obviously, but like I said, take apart the existing clothing upgrade code to see how it should work), they should do if the clothes are in a stockpile, and not lying loose on the ground.

Apologies, I must me be missing something here, do I need to use a mod or something similar to achieve this? I’m just having my tailor build the Upgraded Worker Outfits from the default list.

And thanks for your patience with me :smile:

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You say your settlers won’t equip the upgraded worker clothes that you crafted?
-Then it’s as @Teleros says, the clothes must be in a stockpile (sometimes they get bugged and nobody will carry them). And there must be an available worker with default clothes.

Sometimes I find myself with only two workers (the rest of people has been promoted to other job). The new clothes should show some gold-ish color in the belt.

The padded and leather vest are only available for Footmen, they will equip them automatically too. But I think the padded is less good than the other, so if the footman has the leather vest equipped, he/she won’t equip a padded vest.

Otherwise, if you want other different clothes you have to mod them in.

I can’t determine a suitable category for this topic…

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Ah no it’s my fault, the way you wrote it made me assume you were creating a mod with new clothing in it :laughing: .

Anyway, the upgraded worker outfits must be placed in a stockpile - if they’re not, create a new stockpile which can accept all items (ie totally un-specialised).

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