Outfit Tiers for Varying Classes?

I love the tailor job in stonehearth ( always have in games) but after crafting enough upgraded worker outfits they seem to be a bit obsolete?

I was wondering if we could at least involve different outfits to hvae upgrades similar to the Upgraded worker outfit to extend their usefulness? Or have it so that the Upgraded Worker outfit is kind of a shared benefit between all jobs not just the Worker class? Also it would be nice for the tailor to make slight upgrades for the other militia types! In general I think I just want more outfits with more buffs so they can be a bit more busy!

I suspect that with the seasons and mountain update in the future that weather and climate will be added thus adding a need for warmer clothes too, though correct me if I’m wrong! ( if it’s not a planned feature it would be lovely to see!)


I think temperature is a planned feature - in that case, I would not be surprised if coats/etc. were a layer over existing clothing (including upgraded worker outfits) and were available for all classes. Proper cloaks for soldiers would make a bit more sense though, both in terms of balancing a different equipment item and having a cooler look.

As far as +1 outfits on a per-class basis… it might be neat, but what would you do for material requirements? A Silver or Gold Bar for a Blacksmith’s +1 outfit?

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Maybe to have more of a use for tin and copper have them use ingots of those types? Or just more of the same, since the upgraded worker outfit already seems to use just base materials? Then perhaps more of just a varying level cap for the different +1 outfits? Like perhaps just level 3 or 4 ( to help level to level 5 to get those darn fire arrows)

Cloaks would be awesome if they would somehow fit it into the game.

Maybe if they add decay for cloths, so we need to reproduce/repair 'em, the cost don’t need to be so high or using exotic items. Additionaly some upgrading items would be neat, like a small backpack/basket on the back for the farmer, an apron for the cook, boots for all classes. Their is tons of possible immersive content.