News Gears for news class


I dont know if someone suggested it yet but i’d like to know/see news armor, weapons, shields for the news class like archers, healers, knights (i mean more than actually from blacksmith and weavers) and also maybe futur class like engineer, geomancer, ect…

Also i noticed there’s no armor for crafter (carpenter, weaver, mason, blacksmith), except classic uniform given by default. while the worker get 2 armors (winter worker outfit (rly expensive) and upgraded worker outfit) but crafter can’t equip them, I think it could be cool to have a crafter armor even with a rly small bonus like defense or others.

what are yr guys thinking about?

You should try out this mod. It has many hats/cloaks/eyewear that also gives a small defensive bonus to the workers.

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but i was more talking about armor and weapons than cosmetics

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the hats and cloaks give armor rating to the workers

as can be seen here


hmmm i will look again in the stats for the hats etc. perhaps i can tweak it a little so that they not give only 1 etc. :wink: perhaps also some new wests for the craftsmens or something? @Kittyodoom what do you mean to this topic?

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Well, once I can start playing again, I’ll take a glance over, maybe see if I can come up with something for each class… wouldn’t hurt to separate out clothing from LoMC into a different mod, mayhaps - LoMC is getting big and starting to defy its name some, no?