[MOD] Outfitz [A24]

My second mod! OUTFITZ!!

Are you tired of your hearthlings allways using the same outfit?
Don’t you think there should be some armor for your poor farmer?
How about more speed like the workers?

Your problems are over!! With OUTFITZ! :star_struck:

-10 new hats (all nom warrior jobs and the farmer)
-11 new outfitz ( all nom warrior jobs)

  • outfitz restrict by level and class
    -Add a little armor and speed
    -They look cute
    -Support PT-BR

Fell free to give me feedback, suggestions, errors… i tested alot… but you never know…

outfitz.smod (245.4 KB)


Hey @berutty !
This is exactly what I want, and need.

Would it be possible to upload this to Steam Workshop? Would make things a lot easier for me & my friends!

I just uploaded to the steam! :stuck_out_tongue:


LOVE LOVE LOVE I cannot express enough how much I love this mod. So perfect!!

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Obrigado mesmo!!!