More clothes please!

Still working on a small mod that provides different clothes for existing classes. Personalized for every single kingdom. What do you think about the Footman Outfit? It also has a personalized starting weapon…



Love it! I think the ACE mod adds some kingdom specific outfits as well not sure if ya wanna coordinate around that or just give us more options.

Home Sweet Home is one of my favorite mods, so I’m sure this will be incredible as well. :jubilant:

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Yes, ACE does indeed add unique visuals to all crafters and military classes from all factions + unique versions of all craftable weapons and armor for each faction as well :merry:

Options or alternatives are always a nice thing to have, however! Someone might not like some of ACE’s outfits, for example… So mods like this will always be welcome :jubilant:

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Oh definitely!! I’m all about options, the more items available to decorate or customize with the better!

Oh i have to take a closer look to the ACE mod. Didn’t noticed that :frowning:
But maybe it’s changeable to a mod for crafting clothings

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