Factions with Skin Packs?

Hi all,

Probably suggested but thoughts appear and I need to question.

I have seen through the list of mods of old that there have been many attempts to create different faction mods to Stonehearth (Roman, Greek, Japanese, warhammer? And so on).
From reading these it looks like you were all trying to add a completely new choice in the faction selection. Like the Firefly clan that is blooming marvelous.

Has anyone thought about possibly transforming these from factions to skin Packs. Where you can select for example the northern alliance, and a further option to change the look but not the play style, into Vikings (don’t think they exist but it’s an example). Where the hearthlings have new looks and possible change to particular armour/tool/weapons items which doesn’t effect how it is used. It’s just a change of skin so to speak.

Scrutinize this suggestion as you see fit as I have no idea how you modders work your magic. Just a lonely pleb who loves the game. Can’t wait to read back.

Ace mode does this for clothes and armor/weapons, and that’s great. Apart from the clans in the game, I only played the firefly rest, and that’s what he was doing. I don’t know about the others. What you’re proposing is a very good thing.

If you are playing through Steam, on the Steam Workshop there are some kingdom mods that are very much complete, to try out:
Clan Muramasa: a Japanese kingdom
Nordlingmod: a Viking kingdom

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