Little Introduction and some questions

Hello there to all of you who’re reading this and a merry christmas!

My name’s Paldorien and I was lurking in this Forums for quite a while now and decided it was time to make an account. I know it’s quite late now, but better late than never, hm?
So, after Stonehearth’s officially done now and with the (really great) (Pre-)ACE mod out, I thought I’d ask some questions or/and suggest some things.

First : When I buy the Game on Steam now, who am I supporting? Team Radiant or Riot Games? I’m just asking this out of curiosity and I really don’t know how this works. It’s okay if no one can or want to answer this Question.

Second : With the 0.9 Version of ACE and the Swamp Mod of Bruno with the Goblins, what about other races? Are there any planned right now from other modders or from the ACE Team? I know about the Dwarves, but what about Elves, Orcs, maybe Undead? I’d really like to see some more and other races than humans.

Third : Is modding in Stonehearth hard in your opinion? I don’t know anything about modding, scripting, programming or whatever, but if no one ever does the things I’m looking for, then I’d be “forced” to do them myself, so I’d have to learn all this - which I have no problem with, but I just wanted to know if it was/is hard to mod things for the current modders.

I hope that I wasn’t too unpolite, I don’t often write this much in english ^^"
Thanks for the answers in advance, and again a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you.

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Riot. Radiant was merged into riot and doesn’t exist anymore, aside from the splash logo when the game starts.

In my time here in the forum I have seem so far 5 or 6 topics about “playable enemy factions”. But they never went farther then a few screenshots of reskins, always lasting just a few weeks before the author disappearing.
The only actually playable I saw was the [Mod] (A20) The Bastioneers! More Dangerous (and Mod-Friendly) Than Ever! Help me test for A20! which was really good, it was not just a reskinned kingdom with a few extra items. But it does not work now.
And the Nihonjin: Japanese Themed Mod [On Hold] which I never was able to play because when I started here it was already offline. I do not understand why he doesn’t release it as it looks pretty good already.
Then there is also those in the workshop. Boxlings and Nordlings are really good and complete/polished. Amberstone is just Northern Alliance with bunnies body which causes a lot of errors.

Easier than most other games. There are things here that are hard and require programming skills, but there are many that are done simple changing values in a text file. We have this: Stonehearth's Modding Guide It can teach you from zero


bruno answered the other stuff in good detail but ill add this: it depends on what you want to do.
items, chairs, beds, boxes, armour, weapons etc: easy mode, i can teach you from scratch in under an hour.

classes: after you knwo items, and where to look, and how to think, tricky but doable. prepare to spend a few hours tweaking, testing, reloading 200 times to see if its perfectly what you want- IF it is vaguely like a default class. if you want something that is NOT in the game, at all, you can forget it unless you get a friendly coder to help with the lua code. personally im in this camp, even though i have made a lot of stuff, i would basically not be able to do all i want unless i ask people like bruno, paul or dani for help.(which i dont want to do too often, they have lives and stuff to do :wink: )

Kingdoms: oddly enough really, really doable. its like items. just a LOT more of it. (made 95% of my Nordling mod before i full well knew how to do everything) with literally notepad++ and qubicle.

particle stuff: tricky, lots of trail an error, i -sorta- know how to do this
Animations: i literally havent the foggiest. have to mooch off those that can.
music and sounds : easy to add if you have the files for it
err did i forget anything?


Welcome to Discourse good to see you here also :jubilant:


Thanks for all your answers :slight_smile:

So … If I would make the, let’s say, Orcs to a playable race, I’d just have to rename the class-files, if I don’t want to change anything about the class, right? Because, you said that Kingdoms are pretty easy, but the classes are part of the Kingdom, aren’t they?

Well the problem is orcs don’t have outfits for everything, and I’m not sure their skeletons support all the weapons and armour. But green colored humans would be easy!

Alright, thank’s for the explanation.