Japanese themed mod


Guy, i think this is it… after testing around and trying to make small mods, i am gonna attempt to make an japanese themed mod… like the Rayyas Children…

Please give me any suggestion on what you guys think would be good in it! Thank you


Love the idea!


The more the merrier! There was already one or two in the works but so far each seems to have given its own spin on it, and so far we have two nordic ones going, someone is doing romans I think? And my gf is doing greeks So go ahead I’d say :slight_smile:
(and otherwise: I don’t think anyone is doing huns, pirates, aztecs or Egyptians yet)


hey @Avairian looks like you will have some competition :grin:
@Wouter_Sikkema yup romans here and someone else too so we will be 2 at least xD
@berutty i can’t wait to play it :star_struck:


At this point we really need a sticky about who’s working on what lol


Workers done! :stuck_out_tongue: They use guetas


Japonese cook!


Looking forward to see your samurai!


YO this is looking really cool! Definitely gotta subscribe to this thread, keep me updated!
Going for a feudal style? I’d love to see a samurai guarding my home hahaha

As far as classes go, I DEFINITELY think you should give the female herbalist miko vestments (shrine maidens!), you could possibly even change their staff to an oonusa or gohei. The males could be dressed as kannushi, who are the male priests of a shinto shrine.

(Kannushi) image
(Oonusa) image
(Gohei) image

If you’re looking to make custom weapons and armors, I’d suggest taking a quick glance at some of the equipment available in the Gekokujo conversion mod for Mount and Blade Warband; it’s got a lot of historically accurate feudal Japan assets that you could get inspiration from. Of course you can find other sources, but it’s the quickest “simple” reference for the variety they had I can think of on hand.


I will see that :stuck_out_tongue:




Oh I’m liking the detail work, I recognise those hammers!


I am trying to recreat the best i can… lets see how it goes haha


I’m also liking the evident “asian” skin tone you’ve got going on. It seems a bit TOO yellow, though, on my end, but that may be a monitor issue. If you can adjust the random rate for various customization options, brown and black eyes should definitely dominate a majority of the eye color spectrum, with black hair dominating the hair colors.


I know, i intend to do that, maybe its a bit too yellow, at first i just changed the color and made 2 hair style so i could test the outfits, but i will change that in the future, no worries :stuck_out_tongue:


You are keeping a good Stonehearth vibe with these, that can be hard to do. Well done!


I tried, tell me what you think :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy wow, that’s REALLY impressive! Especially in such a short amount of time. I think the gohei’s zigzags might be flared out a bit too wide, maybe, but I’m not sure if that’s an artistic choice on you.


I was trying to follow the image you provided, but i cant make diagonal paper like that… so i whent for Oonusa, googled other images and tried that haha I know its a bit to wide, i will prolong the “paper” square to make better


Done :stuck_out_tongue: