Japanese themed mod


That definitely looks better. Man, I’m so impressed with how well that worked out. Great work!


The carpenter came equipped with some japanese saw :open_mouth:


I’m not sure those saws are going to work 100% properly. The normal carpenter usually carries his saw facing outward, so you may get an odd graphical bug when these guys are actually sawing at the workshop, where they look like they’re just moving it back and forth above the materials.


oh… i forgot that… i may have to change


I may suggest a gagari-type saw. In qubit graphics it may not look very great due to the diagonal handle, but can be held facing outwards and look normal in use by a carpenter.


I don’t know how “traditional” a gagari saw is, but I definitely think it fits the theme, at least.


Another type of semi-vertical-handle pull saw used in feudal Japan. Basically the gagari type saw but older, as far as I can tell. It’s hard to find accurate information on tools of old Japanese carpentry.




That looks like it may work better in animation. \o/


For sure haha already tested


Are you going to make outfits for custom/modded classes as well? For example, the Torchlighter for the Silent Night biome mod, or the Fisher for the Archipelago mod? Is it even possible to, for example, only make the outfits for that class but not be active/usable if the required secondary mod isn’t in use?


I can probably do that. I can make the outfit and leave in the store for the weaver, so if you have the mod you can creat and use it c(’~'c)


Weavers :stuck_out_tongue: Dont know if i should change the spindle, and if i do… what would to put instead…


I think it’s probably safe to leave them with the spindle. Unless you maybe wanted to try giving them a simpler knitting needle+thread ball…thing. Idk.


I think there is a trick you can do with mix- ins that does nothing I fyou don’t have the mod but changes it if you do but I haven’t experimented with it yet (still doing my own class outfits myself) ill let you know if and when I find out


we learn as we go


Here are my barefoot/dirty future rice farmer :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg make a rice crop to go with it


i wanna do it, but i dont know how to plant in water LOL


You could probably design a modified “farmland” texture(?)/model with raised soil/grass edges around the border of the model and “water” inside, that the farmers till and plant rice in just like farmland. That way you can make rice paddies on land but still have them look like puddles.


i will try to figure this out later, first i am gonna make the outfits, than the banner… i need to make a list actually haha