Samurai Weapon Pack (Work in progress)

Some time ago I started making a samurai-themed mod adding some new weapons and armours. For now, the mod is in closed alpha stage, however, I am planning to move it to open beta after I finish all current weapon projects. I know Avairian also wanted to make a similar mod adding a new kingdom, but since he hasn’t published anything and his mod is on holdup I think he won’t mind. (Avairian if you’re reading this and you mind please tell me about it) I’m not using any of his jobs. I have my own models.


Currently working items:


I have no idea how modding works in this game, but, if possible, you could implement matchlocks as a ranged weapon.
I assume the top weapon is a Naginata, but if not, that could work like an Iron Pike.

I am already working on matchlock weapon for some time

And yes, the top weapon is naginata

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They’re still WIP tho


They’re coming through really well, I’d say.
Fits the artstyle.

It looks pretty cool so far! And yeah, it’s a shame about Avairian, but you’re not infringing any kind of copyright or anything by making your own mod, especially if you do the work yourself. If you recall, there are two norse type mods already, and that doesn’t even include the norse vanilla faction. :stuck_out_tongue: Take it in your own direction, I’m eager to see where your mod goes.

Those armours and weapons look awesome.

Would you consider doing a bow as well?

I’m working on it. I’m making yumi - japanese asymethrical bow.

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Some kabuto ornaments


ok, that is -turnip- ing glorius, really well made SCM! you gonna make these appear randomly?

I think that would be the most reasonable.

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Quite impressive work so far, looking forward to seeing where you take this! :slight_smile:

I have no issues at all with you making your own Japanese themed mod/kingdom. I still have plans on working on Nihonjin now that things are slowing down in my life. However this wont happen immediately as I need to get back into the game and I dont have the free time like I use to. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So as long as you don’t steal my mod name, I think we can get along :wink: :jubilant:

Kanpai! :sake:


Thank you for replying my shogun. I really appreciate that.

Kanpai! :sake:

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Since there haven’t been much posted recently I decided to show you guys some of my work in progress items
Kanabo - Bronze two-handed weapon
Chokutō - Bronze sword
Ōtsuchi - Iron two-handed weapon
Sai - Steel off-hand weapon


Samurai Weapon Pack is officially in alpha phase
It still need a lot of work, but now it’s playable and working


It might be an uncommon thing to ask for but does anyone here can speak japanese? (serious replies only)

where is downlaod button this is so good man

its on the steam workshop, but if you are using the non steam version you could try asking @SCMichal if he can upload a non steam version.