Japanese themed mod


Sorry if I just keep piling stuff on you lmao, I’m just saying whatever I think up. It’s exciting to see how fast you’re working on this, you make it seem so easy.


I probably gonna steal @BrunoSupremo Sakura map… just saying…


I played on that recently. It’s pretty cool, however it’s kind of odd that some trees are pink and some are not. (I get it, pine trees shouldn’t be pink because pines don’t produce sakura leaves.) It’d probably be best if some tree types were removed from the generation of that biome type. Those are just my opinions, however.


Kyuuryouchitai standard is done ^^


I like what i’m seeing. The priest/nun are particulary lovely. Congrats. Looking forward to see more and how far will you go :wink:

Have fun, Kyth.


loving what you did with the priests. could even re-use those for the archer (well the female one at least)

also, laughing my ass off at bare, dirty footed peasants :’)
inb4 frozen feet in the colder biomes :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a tribute to Albert’s floating blocks mod. :wink:




At this pace you will make a whole playable race and world in about a week! Nice job on all that! I would download the mod immediately.


you are moving at a scary-fast pace man :stuck_out_tongue:
are you also making the code at the same time or are you jerry-rigging the outfits into stonehearth atm?


I will leave the code for later… why should i suffer now? :cold_sweat:


thought as much at that blazing speed :stuck_out_tongue:
if you need help by then give a shout! (or just take a sneak peek at my nordling mod lol :stuck_out_tongue: )


thank you, i will!


They are not poor, they just have to handle animals all the time… shepherds…


meanwhile a sheep with a piece of his clothing walked off while chewing on it…


I tried to make a mason outfit… ended up with a pool theme? :sweat_smile:


One samurai concept i have benn working on


In regards to an earlier comment, I don’t believe the female Archer should wear miko robes. Although some miko are depicted with a bow, I don’t believe that’s actually miko tradition. That bow and those arrows are ceremonial items, known as a hama yumi and hamaya, respectively. The hamaya is a decorative arrow sold at festivals and such, meant to ward off evil spirits.


Aside from that, looking great so far with the models. I’m a fan of the samurai, although I think the clothes might be a bit TOO bright. Maybe dull the colors a bit since dyes in feudal japan weren’t as advanced as they are today.

Are you planning on making full plated samurai sets for the tiered armors, as well?


im liking the shading you did with the sword, it even gives a sort of hamon-line feel (and if you ever get to it: if you do the swords at double scale and shrink them down you could even do a wavy hamon line-katana, for when you want to do a legendary sword