Japanese themed mod


Didint know you could make bigger and shrink hmm (i am using voxelshop, there isnt many options)


I hope i will


double scale model, and in the game you can shrink it down to normal size. its how i did my legendary hammer

gives you more detail to work with in some parts. the trick then is: how to still make it look stonehearth-y.


Maybe its gonna happen sooner…


As someone who has worn one of those: damn you did good! You even got the moustache-mask bit right!


Not gonna lie, i almost copied 100% online by looking, its kind hard do this stuff ‘-’


Attempt 1 of making the armored outfit… i think only the helmet is working so far…


Well, I think you’ve definitely got the style down for the armor. It’s not 100% great but if you did use that, I know people would understand what you were going for. If you think you can and should improve it, then go forth and do so!


Forgot. One item I wanted to note is that I think the “visor” for the helmet is very high. Soldiers on patrol move their eyes left, right, up, down and all in between as they walk around, and it wouldn’t be very visible behind that visor since it only shows the top portion of their eyes.


Also also, are you intending to make custom blueprints for your race? If so, would you be interested in accepting user submissions? I’m getting really hyped for your race and I might get inspired to make a Japanese house or ten. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s how those were worn though, why do you think there are so many tapestreies/paintings of samurai being ambushed, lol. ( source, got to see and even touch a lot of stuff at a private samurai museum back when I had my Japan trip a year or two ago, and there was a guided tour by the owner himself that day (lucky!) )


The gloves work too.
Did you put the shoulder “flaps” on the torso or the shoulder?

Also are you going for the imported Western steal late-age samurai chest armour, or the earlier kind?




I like how it is going so far. Nice work! :smiley:
The only exceptions would be the bright coloring of the samurai clothing, I’d prefer it more subdued, and the hair style. You went with the big bun one, I’d had chosen the more traditional shaved on top with folded queue at the back style.
Any possibilities of a model using a haori? Armor with bigger sode shoulder guards?
And I would love to see an onna bugeisha model!!!

Have fun, Kyth


I am gonna try to improve it ;p


I think that if i change the visor, would not look as similiar to the original


I am not thinking in blueprints yet, not sure what kind style i am gonna go with it, but feel free to send me!


I did put the “flaps” in the torso. About the western steal i am not sure yet what i am gonna do, like, one “footman” class, one “knight” and one “archer”. Or if i would put more… or if i stay with 3 classes and put just outfits upgrades that change the armor…


About the clothing color, its gonna be changed haha.

I just made kind 2 hair styles just to represent a kind of style while i test the outfits, i am gonna add more hair to be selected in the game.

I kind tried to make the carpenter use haori, the bigger sode shoulder guard i could try, the problem is not look good in game! thank you


Changed a bit the armored samurai outfit…