Japanese themed mod


I think if you make the shoulders a sort of upside down L shape and attach them to the shoulder bone it might look better (tail of the L facing towards the body ofc)


Not sure if this is right, are you saying like this?


yes exactly like that @ the shoulder flaps!
looks way better that way :smiley:


When you look from the front you don’t notice much change BUT when you do it from the side the difference is big. It really looks the part. Good job.

Have fun, Kyth.


Also, if I may give another suggestion:attach some up-standing “leg” armour on the front of the foot, might finish up the armoured look ( may actually want to use this as an armour set)


like this?


Very nearly!, you currently have the leg plate split between the body and the foot, I’d increase the foot area upwards and remove it from the body, that way it doesn’t crack in the middle when they walk around


Rice first attempt…


does that actually still work when flooded?


idk… let me test



ok thats cool :stuck_out_tongue:
tricky to achieve, but cool!


If you have water above ground level, should be easy and fun make a canal… but this map only have 2 layers down water haha



Wait, does this game have flowing water physics now? LOL I never knew! That’s really beautiful, though <3


Haha! That is very cool!


You’ve been quiet for a while, how is progress going? :smile: I love seeing your work in progress


I am trying to code the suff i already have inside the mod… so right now there arent many visual stuff to post… but i made some hair styles and changed the standard… also some beards…


i like the side-mount for the flag :slight_smile: as soon as someone invents a way to give hearthligns trinkets your lot could get back mounted flags :stuck_out_tongue:


something like the back mounted flag? you could do that like archer’s arrows
if was not that then i have to go back to eng class xDDDD