The Clerics Need New Threads

The poor guys are right there in the thick of things, keeping the warriors healed and getting in some thwacks of their own. Sometimes, they’re also taking thwacks. Hard ones. They’ve little to no attacking power and all they have for defense is a circlet crafted by the blacksmith.

Can we slide some patterns at the Weaver, maybe? Encourage the masters of needle and thread to fashion up some lightweight armor, perhaps? My poor clerics have been stalwartly safeguarding the health of my Hearthlings. But, I think the wolf bites, zombie scratches, and goblin sword slashes might be giving them some PTSD and more than a few scars. Scars are great for a warrior, they make them look more dangerous, but not so much for the guy tending your wounds.

I bet you everyone’s clerics would love to have themselves some fancy robes that do a little more than merely look impressive. I’m not saying give them the AD&D treatment with armor and a mace. But, let’s give them something a little thicker than linen or wool to let them know that their invisible sky fairy appreciates all they do for the rest of their village.

Maybe quilted robe armor and an upgrade later to a leather robe armor. I’ll wager that’d do the trick. Make the hard-working guys feel a little safer while cutting an impressive figure as they patrol through the village alongside their warrior friends.


Look at the features list. It’s not official but it’s exactly what you descriped ( plus some more)

It is exactly what you need. The threads are spun out of copper, silver and gold and add a little to armor.
I see every now and then a cleric running towards a goblin and give it a big smack with his tome. Then getting just a little poke and getting seriously injured.
That was the point when i decided to give the clerics a little more protection.

It is definetly not as ad&d where the cleric runs around with heavy armor and a mace.
I leave that to a paladin like class which may come up.


to @Chabonit . I can assume that this is spoiler for Jewelry mod? :scream:

Sry maybe it is but what i wanted to say is:
Thete is a way for the clerics to get some more protection maybe you just look around the mods section


I mean this =) . Spoiler?