Desktop Tuesday: The Cleric



Now I am hoping for the MAGE class, fireball, lighting strike, iceblast…


I’m honestly more excited about combat that will make this guy necessary than I am about the guy himself.

What stats does he “need” ? Do intellect or compassion help him out?

So with clerics around, what’s the point of the healing pots crafted by the herbalist? It seems rather useless to me.

I suggest turning healing pots into items that the soldier classes (and the cleric) carry around that they can consume for some extra healing in case of an emergency.

I sure hope those “buff pots” become a thing soon, because right now they just sit around in the inventory, and we really have no use for herbalists once we have clerics.

And finally, a question…
Will the clerics be able to wear armors for some protection in combat?

Edit: Oh, and btw, I love the cleric! :yum:


Let’s not forget the greatest spell there ever was…


Great Job on the update, it would be nice to see a stream of particles between the cleric and the person they are healing or maybe some sort of plus sign particle coming off of the person being healed during the healing. Anyways, Great job again TR and keep up the great work!


that could be cool,

there actually already is a particle effect on the person that gets healed :slight_smile:

though i think its just the same one used for leveling up…


As long as the particles effect + sound are not the same as the “leveling up” particles and sounds, I’ll be happy. No need for fancy stuff.

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Little Suggestion: The Cleric should have an “magic” counter so he cant heal unlimited (lvls up a little with each class) and can only regenerate this with meditation/sleep … also the hearbalist can heal everybody with only limit to the produces bandages … this should remove the questions if the hearbalist is needed :wink: also this adds a little tactic to the game xD

so its then like in every fantasygame movie/game that the clerics can help at the front with an mace and some minor healing spells and near death combatants must retreat from the frontline and search for an real doctor ^^


Watching the stream, do Clerics ever draw significant aggro?