Desktop Tuesday: The Herbalist



Oh no they d’int!

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Love it!, Merry Christmas team Radiant and everyone else!

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I got so excited when I saw you can move berry bushes, Strange a few hours ago I was wondering what Alpha 14 was going to be about. I’m so looking forward to it, Keep up the amazing work TR! :smile:


Ho my god _
cute :smiley:
I’m so hypped to see this in game :smiley:

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i wanna be playing this right now. so badly. i love it but im swarmed in work. someone name a settlement in my name after i drown in work.

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Merry Christmas TR! I really enjoy this game its the only game I’m able to make time for these days.

I’m curious though - I have a fairly robust rig and by the time I get one or so of each class I’ve only got a couple of workers and no more resources (hardware overhead) to do much else. I love the new classes coming out but is there the risk of overwhelming current hardware without some additional optimizations? (Pathing, building efficiency etc)? And while I’m typing - in the early alpha’s I could get noticeable pathing efficiency using roads. Since the new pathing algorithms went live - do roads have any effect?

LOVE this game - keep up the great work TR!


Though I really like movable berries and I’m excited to hear about the herbalist, I’m not entirely satisfied with that promotion tree at this point. The cook has to be a farmer in order to learn enough about plants, and yet the herbalist doesn’t?

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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i think it might be more like a cook needing to know the basics of providing food and stuff, is why a cook is promoted from a farmer, and we just sort of assume growing plants is common knowledge i guess? it makes sense in my brain at least. i don feel like that sentence structure made sense, ive spent too much time with this rubber cement.

since the herbalist will be required for healing people after alpha 14 it is required that it be a starting class (otherwise your soldiers if injured could never be healed) So even if it might not make sense… it has to be done this way to allow healing.

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Yes! Hearthlings still use roads by preference. @not_owen_wilson would have to comment if they still offer actual performance gains.


I have no clue if this would even be possible, because right now the entire job system is set up to prevent bonuses from and even punish changing between jobs. But wouldn’t it be cool if herbalists got some perk from farming experience? The herbalist would still be available early, but there’d be an interesting decision – do I want to have my herbalist get some bonus, but not be able to respond as quickly right now and level up slower afterwards, or do/will I need my herbalist badly? Also, I like consistency.

Having the herbalist being the start of a medical tree rather than related to the food one makes sense, and isn’t entirely inconsistent given workers know how to pick various wild plants. But something still feels a bit off to me somehow?




TR, please take the time to spend with family and friends. You guys deserve it after such an amazing year!!!

  • Idle Bug
  • Rayya’s Children
  • 3 new classes?!
  • New Biomes!
  • Water
  • Bug smashing like crazy people!
  • Exceptional Mods (nod to @Froggy and @RepeatPan and the many others that have made some amazing things!)
  • Streams twice a week!
  • 6 Alpha releases!!! ( Stonehearth Alpha 7 Released! – Stonehearth)
  • This list is getting too long!

Definately doing a lot guys! You rock and i’m so glad i’ve invested in such an amazing team and community!

Just an aside I read that blog post and this is part of it

“You can now dig into the earth. Mining will be expanded significantly in Alpha 8. This is just the start.”

Oh man…how far we’ve come!


three times a week actually :wink:


Herbalist! Healing! Moving berrybushes! I really love you! :heart_eyes:
Merry Christmas TR!

Have Fun, Kyth.


herbalist … a.k.a. my new landscape designer!! :smiley: :+1:

LOVE EEEET! :laughing:



  • Streams thrice a week!

Request: Make the sound for healing a different one than the sound when they take damage, please?
The current overlap of sounds makes me jump and instantly search for who’s being hurt or where I’m missing combat…just to discover it’s someone recovering from the previous night’s combat.


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I’m very excited about the ability to move berry bushes.

But what I’m really excited about is Desktop Tuesdays returning again today!

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