Beads and necklaces

Higher level enemies would drop 1 of 4 color beads.(probably red, green, yellow, blue)_
they would be combined with one string/thread 4 beads 1 string into a necklace by the weaver. Depending what color of beads are on it you would get different buffs.
The crafting UI would look something like this with the arrows picking the color of the bead

^ ^ ^ ^----------^
☐☐☐☐ Craft #
⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄_____ ⌄

you can use whatever patterns you want but these would be examples

red green green red: More damage
green yellow green yellow: More movement speed
red red blue blue: More health

There would need to be a necklace slot added to equip these.


Surely players are not in need of such an item, though it would be sort of cool, it is far overshadowed by the ability of the player to just shove a cleric or two into a group of archers, footmen, and knights and be fine.

I agree that the cleric is basically end game and way over powered but i feel that just adding more depth into the game would make it a more enjoyable experience for most players. Not to mention some people really enjoy min maxing and trying to get things as efficient as possible.
Another thing is that this is not only meant to buff the soldiers but everyone in the whole township as well.