Suggestions for tension building tweaks for the new classes

Hello everyone.

I’ve been catching up on the streams and noticed that Stephanie has been working on creating “tension”.

The game is pretty early in it’s combat system so i’m sure that things will turn out just like TR want, but i wanted to suggest some things that might help with creating the tension, before, during and after the fights.

The changes done to the health and damage of the monsters and hearthlings turned out really nicely, creating a demand for the herbalist; however as soon as the cleric enters the picture the fights become less challenging. Initially it looks like the cleric’s healing is too strong so i’d like to suggest some things that might have been overlooked.

1- have the cleric’s heal have a long cooldown before it can be used again.
2- have the cleric’s heal only be cast on unit’s below a specific HP threshold.
3- give the cleric mana or another resource that the cleric needs to manage.
4- reduce the potency of the heals.
5- have the cleric not heal, but instead cast a protective shield that absorbs damage (or have both).
6- have the shield spell or healing spells be a channeled spells.
7- have the cleric serve more of a support role when their spells are on cooldown, where they hit enemies with spells that deal low damage but apply a debuff such us reduced damage, reduced accuracy, slowed movement etc.

For the Knight, the level requirements and class requirements for gear are some very nice changes that create an urgency to get the Knight and train them; and their tanking role will make them invaluable for the protection of your town and hearthlings but i have some suggestions for their perks that will make them stand out more from the footman class.

1- Knights get a perk that stops them taking damage that exceeds a percentage of their total health (that way they can avoid taking fatal damage from very strong monsters before the cleric can heal them)
2- Give the knights a stun attack
3- Give the knights a perk that falls into the “RPS” triangle of the knight countering the footman type monsters, maybe a damage reflect for melee enemies.
4- below a certain HP threshold the knight stops attacking and focuses purely on protecting themselves (increasing protection or reducing a percentage of the damage they take) to buy time for their healer to heal or damage dealing partners to eliminate the threat.

These changes might help to create much stronger foes without fear of them rolling over the knight who will take most of the damage.

As for monsters. adding more varied miniboss type monsters can help create the threat that makes you want to prepare before the fight, and the pressure that can be created during the fight, holding true to the RPS system why not add monsters that are strictly weak to 1 type of damage.

1- A Metal Golem that is immune to melee attacks and magic attacks, and have a weakness on their head that’s weak to arrows, so the knight and cleric must try to keep the golem at bay while the archer’s do their part.
2- A Varanus Queen that has a swarm of Varanus flies that make it impossible for arrows to penetrate, meaning magic and melee is needed, the archers in this scenario must keep shooting at the swarm so the other classes can get close without taking too much damage.
3- A plague spreader type undead that causes damage over time attacks, that requires a healer to take on safely.

Just some suggestions, i know the programming involved in these suggestions might be alot, but maybe this can help guide some brainstorms that’ll help with the path of creating a fun and challenging fighting aspect to Stonehearth without compromising the sense of “fairness” in the game.

If anyone else has ideas please share and thanks for reading.


The cleric is one of those magic types where I really wonder how they want to manage establishing some balance. The herbalist already has a lot of down time, because he crafts and eventually heals a lot quicker than he is needed, so he would be able to care for large amounts of hearthlings easily. Now those magic casters like the cleric come and wave their hands and everything is healed within a few seconds, making a herbalist obsolete. It’s kind of similiar to the geomancer, where I would rather have a bunch of workers do some terraforming with spades and picks instead of some guy “earthbending”, basically cheating in comparison to all the hearthlings working hard to support the village.

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@Frostbyte That’s an interesting take on it. The game is very early in it’s combat system and like you pointed out when 1 comes in the previous becomes obsolete. However for the most part the herbalist will still make very helpful potions and flasks (unless the cleric takes that over, in which case the cleric is basically the next step in the herbalist tree). Why not give some suggestions on how you think this should be treated :slight_smile:

The Devs are very mindful of these issues, and they’ll definitely come up with a very clever solution! :smiley:

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Some really good suggestions here in my opinion!
All of them are automated and really relevant for the classes in their role
Not sure about the class requiring(or rather suggested) bosses though, it’s a cool concept, but i fear it might bring in some micro-managing needs for the player or the need for ‘abundance’ of all classes instead of just enough to get along with.

But still!, really good suggestions in my eyes
Might’ve been something similar in the past, but i wouldn’t know

(Paging @sdee so she can take a look)


@Hyrule_Symbol hehe, i guess you might be right about the minibosses. The whole idea behind them is so the player has to prepare beforehand for such encounters. Thanks for the support! :heart:

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Usually only your soldiers will be wounded, or they will be killed and your entire village will be wiped out eventually. The need to heal non-soldier units is therefore rather low. If the cleric heals the soldiers already in combat, and possibly after, there will therefore be no real need to craft bandages at all (except to level hearthlings up to clerics). That’s just from what I have seen so far of course, so they might already have thought of a mechanic to not have him heal endlessly without a resource requirement.

I’m not really worried about the cleric himself, as I think they will find some solution to not make him outdo the herbalist in every aspect by somehow limiting his ability to heal in some of your suggested ways or picking up your divine shield idea. I’m more worried about the turn from this settler’s style to some game that replaces the hearthlings need to gather and craft for magic and machines that do everything better and quicker than physically working hearthlings.

I also don’t think the cleric is necessarily too strong, as we can’t evaluate if his output is too high or low yet. It was also said that enemies will also be put into tank, healer and damage dealer classes, so this cancels the advantage of having a combat healer while enmies don’t.

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