Make cleric a low/mid range class

It’s kinda bothering that the cleric is also charging front line when there are no friendlies wounded making them susceptible to attacks especially when the knight is still low level and doesn’t have enough taunting capabilities.

I suggest making them mid range, just between the front line and the archers. casting holy fire (weakening defense or low dps) or just not attacking but healing and buffs only. I mean come on, who brings a book to a sword fight.

just a suggestion, feel free to discuss the ups and downs. thanks!


I agree the cleric hitting people with a book is very strange I like your idea of applying debuffs or something from low/mid range instead of hitting people with a book which doesn’t make any sense.

I don’t find clerics hitting people with a book strange, at all. I’ve played plenty of games where the healer or magic user uses a book for melee attacks and then whatever magic for their ranged attacks. I actually think it’s cute. It’s like “The power of words compel you!” slaps in the face with book


she sneaked up in friendly goblin camped…


I love you for this :blush:

As for the topic:
I want my mage class with very mucho piu piu booom splash
Oh and as an Eye of the Beholder player I put the cleric in the second line which means mid range class.


I was just thinking about that when I was making this suggestion.
I imagined Samuel L. Jackson in hearthling form smacking a goblin saying “LEARN Motherf***er!”
and then it died, black and white thug life shades rolls down w/ San Andreas theme music. Lol. :joy:

I think almost everyone played and see things like that but I mean think about it, a low level cleric against something much stronger and bigger or more agile. Will he/she really be that brave?

I respect your opinion. I’m just convincing you.


Anyone think Monty Python and the holy grail?
The monks hitting themselves with the books hehe.
Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem BONK

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LMAO Actually, yes. Hahhaa xD

Hhmm…a fear system, or smart system for the a.i or something like that…or perhaps a setting system with the combat or something? Set certain Hearthlings to either stay back and do ranged damage, or stay forward and do melee damage? That could work, perhaps. I’m just honestly used to characters doing a bit of both xD

I support the notion of either giving the cleric a ranged attack, or removing their melee attack/making it possible to opt to disable it.

While book to the face is fun and all, it is detrimental to the survival of my cleric once harder things start spawning, and i’d much rather the cleric simply focus on keeping my people alive and not willingly enter melee.