Clerics AoE Healing -> Chain Heal

Something i find a bit annoying with clerics is their AoE Healing which the barely never cast because they stand to far away from your soldiers so they can’t reach them with their AoE Healing.

a better way would be to remove AoE Healing and create it to be a Chain Healing similar to World of Warcraft’s Shaman Chain Healing that jumps between hearthlings a max amount of jumps that could increase amount of jumps or power of the jumps healing power as the Cleric levels up.


Alternatively, the AI could try to position the cleric so the wounded fellows are in range for the AoE heal.

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That could also be a thing but to me it feels like clerics should be more ranged standing safe than being inside heat of the battle.

I don’t think CrazyCandy is suggesting they Clerics hang out in melee combat. They just need to be better at being close enough to heal people but out of melee. Right now they are JUST on the edge so if any of your Knights or Footmen move just a couple steps (which happens constantly given how easily enemies run away) the Clerics are constantly just out of range.

Plus Clerics tend to do stupid things like run into melee, slap the enemy and then run away screaming with their hands up… repeat a few times… then go to the very edge of combat… just out of range … Yeah, Clerics need a bit of love in the AI department