Cleric heals are basically useless in hard mode (Slow cast time of RC clerics)

My suggestion is to allow them to heal maybe somewhere between the amazing amount on normal mode, and the practically useless amount on hard mode. 10/11 pt heals from a 6 Spirit cleric is not working. Fights last all day long, with trying to run everyone back to a hole to get healed up. If I energy buff right at 1/4 health of combatants (so that they make it back to the cubby hole), the pot runs out before the red heart is even full on anyone, with no troops getting damaged during that time.

I’ve got very tired, weepy, hurt, and hungry folks; with barely damaged mobs. Pretty much non-stop from day two, because no one can get healed up in time to finish unavoidable fights. I’ve had to use my sliver of health troops kiting the mobs through the townsfolk to get any group killed before the next day. Haven’t even acknowledged the Goblins at all, no time to deal with them.
My herbalist works like normal on hard (when they don’t bug out of course), but they only heal after the fight is over, so not useful in a battle.
Hard mode, Rayya’s children, Alpha 20.

Updating: So, apparently nothing to do with hps healed per cast, but how often they cast. Either my RC hard mode clerics were very bugged, and won’t fix, or the cast timer set for RC hard mode clerics seems pretty terrible. (Their arms were too heavy. :wink: )

I don’t find clerics useless at all in hard. I actually at times fell like they are a bit op. Of course, if I tried Rayya’s Chrildren, it’d get quite harder but still. I think it’s evenly balanced. But thats just my opinion.
Thx for reading :smile:

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They can’t really heal during battle on hard. Yeah, the heal amounts are a bit OP on normal modes, but they nerfed the heal amounts for hard. (I think, reloading, re-promoting, etc hasn’t stopped those dinky imperceptible heals.) The herbalists still heals for a big percentage, compared to the clerics on hard.

Maby I’ve forgotten how it is do battle on hard mode. I should probably do so then.
Thx for reading :smile:

In normal mode, the herbalist is the afterthought you make for energy pots to run your bored troops to the far corners of the map, trying to get to crypts and such before they despawn. Everything just melts with no trouble.
In hard mode, the cleric is basically a useless waste of space, and the only healer of note is the herbalist.That seems a bit too hard to me, unless there is some other way to get healing during combat.

Its called hard mode…

Do you have a knight?
A normal Footman can not be healed if he tanks but a knight can.

Lack of wood makes a higher level blacksmith slower to achieve, but my black smith doesn’t have time to craft with the constant present long-term battles. So, no knight. I’m probably giving up on hard mode, because without a useful cleric, even a knight will take heavy damage faster than can be healed to reasonable during battle with 11 hp pts at a time heals. Especially from the orcs with ranking archers coming now.
Lack of wood hasn’t posed much of a problem for me in other RC games, so I’m guessing it’s all the town slaughtering delays. I suppose I’m asking for a cleric who works like they do in normal mode, or at least come with heals that have any effect during battle, but all the tougher/more mobs of hard mode. Sort of an in-between stage. They could just call normal mode ‘easy’. :slight_smile:

before you give up on hardmode, answer a few questions for me. aside from your soldiers, how are you defending your town. did you build in the open or in a defensive position, and are you using archers to snipe the enemy from on high?

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Mostly the town is walled off, the rest backed into an area only accessible with ladders. I was having issues with trying to get any hearthlings to NOT go down an outside access ladder before removing it, so had numerous groups make it into town.

No archers, atm, carpenter isn’t a selectable, nor normally desirable starting tool for RC. However, usually by the time orcs roll out, I have a team of archers, with fancy quivers. My issue is that it wouldn’t matter what else I had, an entire team of troops without a functional healer makes for excessively long hide and fight, hide and fight, all day, battles.

I mean, taking the entire time of a ‘3 hr’ potion to not even fully heal a safely situated couple of 1/4 health troops just seems excessive. Not to mention all that clicking to get them to stay in said safe area. The jump between OP heals in ‘normal’, to useless in hard, to me, isn’t fun at all, so I was hoping for a middle ground.

Update to this… started an Ascendancy hard mode because my hand/wrist was tired of the super clicky micro management of the other above game.

Level 0 cleric, 6 spirit, heals the aprox same hp range troops for the same 11 pts a heal, as my higher level 6 spirit cleric in RC… BUT does so much much faster. I’m having no issues with the heals. Not sure if that’s some sort of Ascendancy perk, or what.
Obviously that race is already easier to start. Mostly with the berries canceling out to neutral (prickly pear taste good too, really!), and the added happy thought about spacious that doesn’t seem to be a thing for RC.

Adding: This no problems with heals is despite a bug where some of the troops keep trying to go into ‘patrolling’ while the target is still alive and attacking, so… kudos to the Ascendancy clerics.

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