Clerics not healing sleeping wounded without potions/bandages

So I’ve noticed that clerics act like herbalists to anyone who’s sleeping in a bed. Rather than casting heal and having them up to full health in ten seconds or so, they’ll spend the extra time and resources to go get a potion/bandage and use that to heal the villager instead. It’s…frustrating, but not really a serious problem, since it has more to do with the greater issue of herbalists being completely outclassed by clerics.

The annoying part is that if there aren’t any potions/bandages available, they simply won’t heal the sleeping villager. I’ve seen them completely passed by severely wounded villagers stranded from town in a safe house simply because the safe house didn’t have any potions in it. I’m not sure it counts as a bug, but it’s definitely frustrating to have mobilized a force specifically to secure this villager’s safety, and to have that force refuse to do so until the villager wakes up.

It was a Comfy Bed. The flavor text came true~

Not really the best solution, but you could get a cleric to defend a position next to the beds and let the healing aura do its work.
BTW: Nice comment to the flavour text :bed: