Level 6 cleric obsession with casting major strength/healing on town folk

So I finally got the bugger up to level 6 and the healing now is great. With some kiting my army can take on almost anything.

But I noticed that the cleric is casting major strength on everyone all the time. (when he is not sleeping or eating that is.) Even to the point where I send him out within my main party to kill some mobs. He would hang back in town acting like Heimskr (from skyrim) bothering hardworking citizens with prayers and blessings. and is refusing to go outside the walls.
Every time he detects someone to bless and stops to do so. Leaving my solders to bleed.


The major strength is an aura around the cleric so he shouldn’t have to cast anything to buff people around him. It just happens by him existing.

Is he trying to heal towns people instead of the people in his party? That sounds like a bug.


yea he is… it seemed like what I said that he is casting the buff but he is in limbo casting heal on healthy hearthlings and himself.

this is weird, I know the healing particles is like some green lights but sometimes there are more cloudlike green partials, I assumed that was the strength buff. like this

the same thing keeps happening when I send him out for a battle, he sees someone and keep casting this spell. keeping him in town.


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Thats indeed very anoyying…
i also got that problem a few games

at my new game he is doing even worse… keeps hitting enemies and getting too close
and then tries to heal the party-members at the last second… and by accident they then die becuase the prayer didnt finish in time

I noticed this, my cleric had gone round healing hearths that didn’t need healing, she even got experience for it and was level 2 within no time, she hadn’t even been in combat.

once she had been in combat she did seem to stop though.

the crazy thing is that is did work so wel the other day… just hanging back in the party healing the soldiers.

right now he is so obsessed with healing everyone that he is also staving him self. He does eat but just the minimum, like one meal ever 2 days)

That is definitely a bug. The cleric should only try to heal people that are below 75% health. I assume this issue persists after reloading the save?
If so, please upload the save. I would love to take a look.

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Yes I have restarted my game several times, still looping in the spell on one guy.

Link to the zip save file. (let me know if something is wrong with it, I don’t upload/share stuff often)

I know there are some other building errors too that I caused, (destroying a ghost building that is did not like and would not go by the in game buttons because I spent to many undo’s erasing and placing blocks. but beside that…)

I have a second herbalist just in case and if I promote he to cleric she will work just fine.
I tried to get rid of his healing obsession by killing of the person that he is focused on. He does seems to be working more logical for a min or so before he fines a new person to obsess about.

As in the title shortly after my trapper almost died trying to defend itself against a veranus by cleric now keeps attempting to heal my trapper without stopping… not even to eat or sleep and has been doing this for over a day ingame now and im not sure whats causing this to happen.

I might note that this only started happening after my cleric got to level 6 before that this never happened… not sure if its a coincidence or not.

hmm… this sounds like this bug,


is that the same problem you’re having?

Sounds like it yeah just endlessly healing my trapper for no reason (the buff is an aura so that shouldnt be it right?)

I am also having this issue my level 6 cleric is just nonstop healing my trapper refusing to do anything else including sleeping or eating or following my party into combat… nothing except healing the trapper who already has full health and nothing i do will make her stop healing the trapper… even if i use the move order to move her away she runs right back to the trapper and continues to heal afterwords…

oops i meant to put that in the other post and not this one…

alright, i just merged your topic to over here.

you did, i just merged the topics though :wink:

for me it did happen only shortly after he got level 6 (my newly made cleric level 0 just does her job right.)

Btw the names “healing aura” and “major strength” are a bit misleading.
Healing aura sound very passive to me but it is an active spell. Major strength is passive but does not indicate so. Not a big thing but still would be more intuitive to have a “strength aura” and a “major healing” spell.

I kept on playing my save and somehow he has learned that he does not need to heal healthy people… I have no idea what has fix it. Only thing that’s still weird is that he has lost his spark . He will just stand around where ever I directed him He does still heal wounded units thou… I just have to direct him back home after a battle.

I have the same bug too

We can rename major strength to major strength aura. I am confused why you think healing aura is an active spell? People get healed in an aura around the cleric just by the cleric existing. That to me means passive.

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Wait… @yshan this is getting confusing… XD
Active spells are spell that need casting
And healing is something that the cleric need to preform right?
Or does he have a healing spell and healing aura…?

@LaGrosseChoco ,just a tip to keep him on him/her on the job until this is fixed, Keep put the bugged cleric in a party alone and use the green “move party” to force him near your army. if you use the red one he wil cast healing on every one he encounters and cant keep u with the soldiers.
mine took about 2 in game weeks to work properly

The cleric has a single target healing spell and a healing aura. :slight_smile:

so any idea whats wrong with the level 6 cleric then team radiant? it seems to happen only after the cleric reaches rank 6 according to most people and after that point basically obsessively heals townfolk even if they dont need healing rather than following soldiers into combat and healing them.

I stopped playing my game cus my cleric wont eat or sleep so im just waiting for a fix is all.